How necessary is two crafting professions?

I figured this has been a debated topic, but any reference to prior threads or noteable points would be appreciated.

I'm a casual gamer, mostly, who enjoys raiding when possible (particularly 10 mans). Thoughts?
Not especially. If you want to absolutely maximize performance, it's better, but most professions will be viable enough for every role. The notable exceptions are Mining for any non-tank (as bonus stamina isn't really super useful, though it is nice), Tailoring for a tank (as there's no special cloak tailor for tanks), and probably Skinning and Herbalism for tanks as well (crit and a haste clickee aren't the best for tanks for survivability, though they are potentially useful threatwise, not that that's a signifigant issue).
Thanks for the quick reply. I've been debating on leveling inscription and herbalism on my druid. He's an inscriber and enchanter now, but it's a pain leveling both. I've leveled BS and JC together, which aren't too bad, but I have toon that farms for ore anyway.
12/03/2012 12:05 PMPosted by Exomonius
I'm a casual gamer, mostly, who enjoys raiding when possible (particularly 10 mans).

If you're just raiding when possible, you don't need every last bit.

It's like obsessing over your gemming and reforging -- if you aren't doing it and are doing fine with whatever content you're doing, you don't need to worry about "the best" gemming and reforging. But when your and your raid group are advancing on new content, getting the most possible benefit, whether from professions, gems, enchants, etc, is very much worth the hassle of not having a gathering profession.

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