[H] prot pally looking for progression guild

Area 52
478 ilvl have 6/6 msv 1/6 hof and i have tanked tsulong in toes. Looking for a tanking spot in a laid back guild with good players. I would like to start doing heroic mode soon. I understand my gear is behind because i got started late this expansion but it shouldnt be a huge problem. My raid availability is flexible so contact me ingame on this toon for more questions. Thanks!
Hi we are currently looking for a prot pally to fill are last spot. We are 1/6HM MSV and 5/6HoF. Message me in game if interested.
Are you still looking for a spot?
Organized Chaos is looking for a tank for their core group.
we raid sunday 8-11 and tuesday 8-11. You fit in perfect. please message me in game or one of the officers of Organized Chaos.
Echo Deathsquad I raids Fri/Sat 11PM ST

You are not gonna find a more laid back raid team than us. Period. We aim to have fun. No nerd raging, or whiners. We do our raids, we run randoms, we help each other out with dailies. Someone is almost always online, and most of us have become friends or already were when we started. Even have a few family members thrown in there.

We need an off tank for our 10 man team. This would be great since it would allow me to use my well geared hunter.

Msg me in game for more info. Or add gunsrus@echodsi.com
<Erogenous> is a small, friendly, casual guild on Area 52. We are in need of a few people to help us get over the hurdle we are stuck at and move forward. We are currently 4/6 MSV and would love to be further, just need experienced help.

We are short the following:

Off-Tank...would prefer a pally, warrior, or monk
Heals...We are looking to fill one spot for sure and would prefer a druid or shammy, with dps offspec, there is a chance that another spot will open.
Ranged DPS...We are looking to replace one of our raiders, and would love a warlock

What we really need is a true raid lead that can help us out.

Raid team right now consists of the following:
Blood DK
Frost DK
Shadow Priest
Holy Priest*

* are the possible spots that will/might open

Raid Nights are Wed/Thurs from 8-11:30pm server time.

Again, this is a great group of guys that would love to move further in progression. We just need the help of a real raid lead and solid players that will commit.

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