Farcical Father Winter: NEW INFO in last post

Wyrmrest Accord
A sparkly pale green letter with deep, ruby red ink is tacked on all the notice boards in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. In flowing script it reads;

"Winter Veil is coming fast,
but sadly the holiday never lasts!
Should you want some Holiday Cheer,
to stay with you throughout the year?
Then listen friends, both young and old
while I speak of warmth despite the cold!
For a Farcical Father Winter is what you need-
it's the time of giving, let go your greed."

At the bottom are details, describing Farcical Father Winter as a anonymous gift exchange where you send gifts to a randomly assigned individual. The sign up date is written clearly at the bottom.


Accordians! Are you desperate for some fun RP this holiday season? Then look no further! For this Secret Santa gift exchange is for you, both Horde and Alliance! (Though gift-giving sticks to each respective side.)

You must post here with the following format no later than December 14th.

Character's Name:
Character's Race:
Character's Class:
Note to the one who will be assigned you for the holidays: (This one is optional, but essentially any 'I want this!' or 'touching holiday sentiment', or whatever you think will add to the RP sentiment.)

On the 15th you will all receive notice in the mail of who you will purchase a gift for. Alliance side will receive one from Trushul, Horde side Snuffit.

You MUST mail your gift to the respective gift handler no later than the night of December 23rd. Mostly to allow for mail travel time. I will then mail everything out to the respective recipients the night of December 24th, so everyone should have their gifts for Christmas Morning. Also, I need time to figure out which people fell through and failed to get a gift so I can scrounge something up for those who would otherwise miss out.

If you want to volunteer to be a "Last-minute Replacement Gifter", please post here as well! Help is always appreciated. This means on the 24th I might desperately whisper you all in a tizzy so you can send me something for me to send back out.

This whole thing will give you a opportunity to RP out asking around about best gifts to buy for the above, maybe even writing a note back to send to the person to ask to meet up somewhere/wish them the best/etc. Any notes you attach to your gifts I will send out to the intended recipient!

Happy Holidays, all! And if you have any suggestions/tips, I would be most appreciative!
Background story:

Snuffit pranced around the small room that she and her honey, Trushul, were renting out for their most recent liaison. Sure, she had to pretend to be a Steamwheedle in order to not get too many strange looks when she hung on the arm of her Draenei sweetheart, but a good dye job and some fake names do wonders. And it was worth it, especially at this time of year. Winter was in the air (well, not here- but on Azeroth! Well, some places on Azeroth.), and Winter Veil was rollin' around. Snuffit started belting out her favorite song.

"Father Winter, slip a landshark under the tree, for me!
I've been a awful good girl,
Father Winter, oh hurry down the chimney toooonight!
Father Winter, an out-of-space convertible too, zap blue~"

"Snuffit, may you turn it down small bit? This is very delicate procedure."

Snuffit let out a huff as she looked over her shoulder, balancing precariously as she hung some garish hot-pink tinsel on the window. "Sweetie-toots, it's Winter Veil! This is the Goblin version of… um. What holidays do you guys celebrate again?"

He looked up, the large goggles blinking as machinery whirred. Zanara, all ruffled feathers and wide eyes as usual, held some wires separated by her claws as Trushul carefully twisted them together to form… something. Was he even twisting them? Snuffit had no clue, she kinda only knew enough of engineering not to get herself blown up by her own rocket boots.

Most days, anyway.

Frowning for a second, Trushul titled his head to the side and ran a hand through his already messy hair. "We do not observe years like your kind does, I do not think. We have some forms of ceremonies, but- ah, thank you Zanara." He graciously accepted the small something-or-other (it looks kinda like tweezers?) from the Harpy Youngling.

Snuffit rolled her eyes and hopped down, the tinsel slumping on the nail. "Come on, no gift giving? No versions of Farcical Father Winter? No-"

"Hmm?" Trushul paused, then glanced back down at the wires as he slowly tried to get them right, his white eyebrows knitting together. "Farcical… what?"

Mid-step towards him, she paused. "Oh by the Light." She said in dawning horror. "You don't know what a Farcical Father Winter is?"

Both Zanara and Trushul had paused in their actions and were staring at Snuffit now.

"It's the best gift-giving extravaganza- I mean, it's something EVERY Goblin has done! It's THE Holiday spirit! Gifts, secret exchanges, surprises- no? Oh my GOLD!"

Instantly she pulled out her hand-held radio and started tuning it. "Pia, Pia come it, Pia-"

"Yo, sup?" The Pandaren's voice was gruff, obviously in the middle of something.

"Have you ever heard of Farcical Father Winter?"

"…No? Wha-"

Before Piaobo could finish her sentence, Snuffit had switched channels. "Katchi? Katchi? You-"

"Ah, calm down lady Snuffit. What you be wantin'?"

"Have you heard of Farcical Father Winter?"

A pause. "Nah, I don't be believing' I-"

Snuffit let out a string of curses before turning it off. "That's it! There is no way people can celebrate Winter Veil WITHOUT a true Goblin bash! We were the ones to turn Winter Veil into the biggest Holiday this side of Azeroth, ain't no way this is gonna fly."

The door slammed shut as Snuffit flew out the door, shouting something about gift giving and lists. Trushul slowly pulled up his goggles and stared, as Zanara looked at the door, her face twisted into a perfect expression of 'What. The. Hell.' After a pause, Trushul beamed down at Zanara. "Ah, I love it when she teaches me something new! So this Winter Veil was made by the Goblins, yes?"

Zanara snorted disdainfully before she went back to fiddling with the wires.
Character's Name: Kal'tok
Character's Race: Darkspear Troll
Character's Class: Druid

Good idea and great story, hopefully plenty of people will join in.
Thanks Kaltokk!

I also have received some in-game mail already. For those who cannot/don't want to/etc post on the forums, it's TOTALLY COOL to send me a in-game mail. I'm down with that. You should be able to put all of the required stuff in the letter so it works. I just want something easily check able that I can have when I am making my list.
Character's Name: Drove
Character's Race: Blood elf
Character's Class: Priest

Note: I am very timid about rp so... it would be nice to have it ic but I tend to scamper shyly away. And thanks Snuffit <3 this is something I'm looking forwards to.
rofl! Love the family dynamic so much! XD

Character's Name: Roulette Kneebasher
Character's Race: Goblin
Character's Class: "Fire Mage" or Warlock, depending on who you are and why you ask ಠ_ಠ
Note: I am very timid about rp so... it would be nice to have it ic but I tend to scamper shyly away. And thanks Snuffit <3 this is something I'm looking forwards to.

<3 The thing which I like about this is that it does allow you to get as involved as you feel comfortable with! So it's fun for shyer people to. And thanks! <3

rofl! Love the family dynamic so much! XD

They are so much fun to write! Trushul is just so out of touch with Azerothian stuff, and Snuffit is almost too plugged in, and Zanara is still trying to figure out how to speak without cussing and threatening to eat men. /hugs all

When Nomi is added, he/she will be nervously /flailing about and being cute added to the mix.
Character's Name: Taldin LaMaunte
Character's Race: Forsaken
Character's Class: Mage
Character's Name: Salsbury
Character's Race: Goblin
Character's Class: Trade Baron
Character Name: Lance Topsail
Character Race: Goblin
Character Class: Hunter

Note: 'Bigger the better' usually applies here.

((note for note: Thats an in-character note =P I'm not picky about gifts))
Character name: Caellarin Dawnstar
Character Race: Sin'dorei
Character Class: Priest

Note: "For this Winter's Veil, I would like peace in the world, lots of mistletoe and perhaps something sweet to eat!"

((You, Snuffit are adorable...that is all))
12/04/2012 08:21 AMPosted by Caellarin
((You, Snuffit are adorable...that is all))

((<3 And yay! More people!))
/bumps to top before bed
Character's Name: Arielen Sin'del
Character's Race: Sin'dorei
Character's Class: Shadowmage
Note: A salute in the streets alone would do.
Wonderful, got some numbers rolling in... let's get this thing to the top again!
Character's Name: Tephli Amberforge
Character's Race: Dwarf
Character's Class: Paladin

I'd also like to note that I'd love to be a last minute gifter for both factions. You can contact me on Twig horde side if you need me.
Trushul walked around Stormwind in the early morning, before most sane people would get up. He never really kept normal hours between having his formative years on a ship with no sun or moon to tell you when to sleep, and this problem had only gotten worse with the introduction of coffee and other highly stimulating drinks that he had found on Azeroth.

A sigh escaped him as he shuffled the remaining flyers in his hands. Squirrel chirped and whirred on his shoulder, the eyes lighting up the dark a bit more. Trushul had been disappointed to discover Goblins had not, in fact, invented Winter Veil. Although the real history was interesting, the amount of commercialization that Goblins seemed to be obsessed with was not truly to his liking. But (and here a small, fond smile appeared on his face), Snuffit was rather more of a giver than most and in her own way was embracing what others termed "the holiday spirit". Even if it was rather focused on presents.

He pinned the last of the fliers on the nearby walls, and started walking back to his apartment in the Dwarven District. Squirrel let out a mechanical chirp and jumped off his shoulder, darting ahead, blinking different colors in the dark morning as snow slowly began to fall. It never stuck in Stormwind, but Trushul could enjoy the sight at least.

I'd also like to note that I'd love to be a last minute gifter for both factions. You can contact me on Twig horde side if you need me.


Also, going to get creative with my bumps. What? I just feel awkward /bumping everything. >.>))
Fine, Snuffit, fine. BUMP. There, you happy? HAPPY? I hope you're happy.
Character's Name: Dyrwolfe
Character's Race: Goblin
Character's Class: Shaman
Note to the one who will be assigned you for the holidays: Just send me what you will. Be it junk or anything I just want to do this for the fun of it. :P

Character Name: Sefa Daaren
Character Race: Blood Elf
Character Class: Rogue

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