Feral or Guardian Druid?

I'm tossing between the two.

Just a few questions:

1. Comparatively, how much more DPS can you dish out in Feral as appose to Guardian?
2. Is Guardian viable at solo questing?
3. In low-mid level instances, would either be able to be the party healer, if one was needed (assuming you had appropriate gear)?


1. In a single target scenario Feral wins, hands down. I can't give you the margin, but Feral kills things faster 1v1. For more than 2 though, Feral and Guardian should be even 1v2 (slight edge to Feral) but for 1v3+ Guardian wins due to Feral having to shift to heal, and Guardian having more AoE attacks and Vengeance.

2. Yes. Viable = Capable of working successfully; feasible. Is it efficient? No.

3. No. You lack the tools to handle any influx of high damage. As a non-Restoration spec you suffer from only having 2 heals, Rejuvenation and Healing Touch. These are not enough to keep up a tank past the level 30 mark.
Guardian is tank spec, so generally feral will outdamage it.

That being said you can quest grind as guardian without an issue, but feral will still be faster because cat is higher damage.

The change since cata, not really. We lost Regrowth which means hotstacking to make up for lack of swiftmend, is gone so best bet is probably to dualspec whatever two you want.

If you want to do 100% instance grind, use Guardian/Resto, as you will ALWAYS have instant queues if you queue up as tank + heals.

If you want a safer route, go guardian/feral dualspec, as you will have instant queues most of the time (rare for no healers to queue but it does happen), and still be able to solo quest quickly. Not to mention you only have to worry about upgrading 1 set of gear instead of 2.
I like questing as guardian because I can just run and chomp down groups of mobs and hardly ever have to worry about healing myself. Feral is way faster on single kills though.
At what level can you dual spec?
30 or so. Just level and find out. Part of the fun is figuring this stuff out for yourself. Instead of asking for handouts of info.

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