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Hi, I was wondering if I could get a number to display how much demonic fury I have in elvui or if I need to just get another addon. Thanks in advance!
There is a wonderful addon called affdots. It works great for demo and destro as well for tracking.

Link to Curse-

Hope this helps.
For anyone who has found there way here searching to get a number added to the Demonic Fury bar in Elvui, the bar itself doesn't have a number but you can add it separately (and either overlay it on the Fury bar or put it somewhere else).

You'll want to add a Custom Text, just type the name you want (simply calling it Demonic Fury is good), it will add Demonic Fury to the Player Frame dropdown.

Now select it (Demonic Fury or w/e you named it), and add this to the Text Format, without apostrophes;

It will put a number for your current class power in purple text on your player frame. This includes the other specs secondary energy (shards, embers). If you don't want it there for your other specs you'll want to copy the entire profile, and set the one with this line added to be for demonology spec only.
This is a necro, but don't blame me, google search brought this up 2nd.

To make this a separate bar in the center of your screen:

Go to Classbar in Player Frame dropdown and check "Detatch From Frame". Adjust the height and width while you're at it.
Use Toggle Anchors to move the Classbar where you want
Go back to your custom Demonic Fury, and use xOffset and yOffset to move on top of your bar

I also only did "[classpower:current]" as my Text Format, because I liked white on purplez.

Hope this helps for others who found similar google results.
This worked perfectly! Thank you!!

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