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Emerald Dream
Hi I am a Ele/Enh lf a guild. I would like to get into raiding this expac as well as RBG's. A bit of background on myself, I was in The Shattered Maul Clan but it has dissolved. I came back to WoW after taking a break and am looking forward to RP and WPvP. Looking for a smaller, social guild preferably with 100-200 members
Greetings fellow Tauren. It seems you may have already found a home in the Earth Rift Raiders. If you are still looking, please steer your gaze to Aeturnas Trinitas.

We are a guild encompassing something for every race and taste: from those seeking a good story to those looking to find the blood of Alliance on their face to those looking to progress through the most difficult of battles Azeroth has to offer.

I would welcome a mighty Tauren in our ranks!

ooc: take a peek at our website: www.AeturnasTrinitas.com and put in an app.

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