does healing tide stack with resto ascendance

title says it all, but in case u dont play resto, ascendance for resto is it duplicates all heals and distributes those duplicates among all players.

i.e. every tick of healing rain on every player is distributed, same with riptide.

wondering if it happens with healing tide as well
Totem healing is *not* included in Ascendance healing duplication.
Short answer:

funnily enough totems are now considered our spells, blizz:1 shamans:0

even if it was the case you would almost never ever use them in conjunction.
short answer no.

long answer, you can use unleash elements, and cast a macro something like
/cast ascendance
/cast ancestral swiftness
/cast !healing rain

which will allow you to cast an instant healing rain for 30% more (because of unleash elements) and it'll also get duplicated. so if zero of that overheals (fat chance) then theoretically you should get 260% of normal healing rain healing.

which makes it not matter that you can't use it with healing tide totem. (it would just overheal anyways)

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