H]10m 6/6HoF M/T-6hr wk LF Plate Dps

H] <Wonderbread> - Korgath

Current Progression:
1/6 Heroic MV
6/6 Normal HoF

Cata Progress:
8/8 hDS
6/7 hFL
10/13 H t13

Currently recruiting:
1 DPS, preferably warrior, pally or DK

This is for a core raid spot. All lot is free roll.

Wonderbread raids 2 nights a week, Monday and Tuesday 8pm - 11pm server. We raid on a casual schedule, but try to push progression as much as we can during the time that we have.

Wonderbread has been together since the start of Cataclysm and is composed of many raiders who have been raiding since Vanilla. We strive to progress as much as possible while raiding on a casual 2 nights a week schedule.

If interested in applying please contact Reshock or Thrillho directly or by in game mail!
Chromaggus is 4evaaah

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