The Dalaran Insurgency - FINAL BATTLE FRIDAY

Moon Guard
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"I recall the events that transpired nearly a decade ago under the watch of the Violet Eye. What remained of us clung so desperately to that failing alliance, but we had all expected our fate to be delivered by the infinite tides of Scourge. None of us, not even our Prince, could have foreseen the degree of treachery that would forever serve as a reminder of the humans' terrible capacity for bigotry. Cast into prison and sentenced to be executed, our spirit had waned. It was not the fear of death that scarred us so deeply, but the realization that the Alliance had failed.

It was a city built on the idea of peace and cooperation. Founded by elves and men, Dalaran was to rise as a beacon of hope for all noble races of Azeroth. And so it served its purpose... for a time. But on that day, the Kirin Tor watched with apathy as the sin'dorei were faced with annihilation. The Violet Eye had closed shut, and a new monster more terrible than the Scourge stood unopposed as centuries of diplomacy were cast into oblivion.

Today we see the shameful legacy of Garithos revived. Without warning, the sin'dorei who fought under the banner of the Kirin Tor are cast into the same cells as before. The Sunreavers, champions of Dalaran who vanquished Yogg-saron and saw an end to the Lich King, are treated as animals. Jaina Proudmoore, in her peerless arrogance, has seized control of the city to orchestrate this abomination of dignity. Those who refuse to yield are put to death, and those who speak out are quickly silenced. Dalaran has fallen, and I fear that without proper action it will be lost forever. There can be only one solution.

Proudmoore must be removed from power.

Upon the blood of the fallen, we shall return with a vengeance. I call upon the soldiers, the scholars, the craftsmen, the nobles. I call upon the veterans, and I call upon the patriots. I call upon every sin'dorei ready to take up arms and deliver this city from tyranny.

Do not be silent! Do not be hesitant! They ask for war, but we shall bring them an apocalypse! Selama ashal'anore!"

-Tendael Dawnlight

The events that transpired recently in Dalaran have awoken the fury of the sin'dorei. One organization in particular, the Dominion of the Sun, has declared their intention to reclaim the city and remove Jaina from power. A bold claim, and not one that can be possible without a great deal of support.

In the next few weeks, the Dominion will be calling for volunteers and acquiring mercenary contracts to build a force strong enough to achieve the objectives set in place by Tendael Dawnlight. The Dalaran Insurgency has begun, and hell is about to break loose in the most unlikely of places.

Campaign Overview

The recent advances in the World of Warcraft's plot have provided a great opportunity to conduct immersible RP-PVP. The Dominion of the Sun will be spearheading an attack on Dalaran in an effort to avenge the murdered Sunreavers and unseat Jaina as the leader of the Kirin Tor. Obviously these goals cannot be achieved in-character, and we understand that. It is not our desire to ignore the facts of lore, or write them ourselves.

The campaign will be centered in Northrend, primarily the regions surrounding Dalaran. It is expected to last roughly a week with different events occurring on each day. The role-play will progress up until a summit battle between the Alliance and Horde armies.

During the event, the Horde will be using guerrilla tactics to sabotage the city from the ground and from within. Operations will be conducted from varying locations to keep the Alliance from tracking their progress. Alliance participants will be stationed in Dalaran and conduct several types of missions to counter their enemy. Examples of events include...

  • Patrolling Dalaran for threats to security
  • Scouting Crystalsong Forest
  • Investigating the city for evidence of Insurgent spies
  • Eliminating Insurgency leaders
  • [Horde]
  • Sabotage
  • Transporting supplies
  • Preparing magical armaments
  • Assassinating important targets
  • Participation

    It is not necessary to be affiliated with an RP-PVP guild to participate in this campaign. We encourage everyone to attend, and will be providing directions and important details as necessary.

    If you'd like to participate as a member of the Alliance, show up in Dalaran on the starting day of the event. Certain characters will be designated as "quest givers" who will tell you how you can help the situation. Alternatively, you may choose to fly solo and seek out Insurgents to slay in the forests below.

    If you'd like to participate as a member of the Horde, wait to be invited to the raid group on the starting day of the event. We will be changing locations rapidly, so it will be important to stay in communication. We will be summoning you to where you need to be, then explain how you can help with the effort. WE WILL BE LAUNCHING OUR OFFENSIVE FROM VENTURE BAY ON JANUARY 15 AT 6:00 PM!


  • January 18, 6:00 PM - Conclusive battle!

  • Contacts

    If you would like to volunteer as a contact for Alliance or Horde, please add my BattleTag listed below and speak with me on-line.

  • Tendael <Dominion of the Sun> - Tendael#1255
  • Qiwen <The Shieldpaw Shaodin> - Ellerz#1568

  • Maxen <The First Regiment> - LordMaxen#1331
  • Morvayn <The Violet Sanctum> - Karnstein#1933

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will be the point of participating as a Horde player if we already know we won't be able to take Dalaran?

  • A good question, and probably one of the most important. The idea behind this event is to provide an immersible experience for everyone involved. While we may never achieve our goals, our characters do not know that. In the end, the conflict will provide both Alliance and Horde players an opportunity to participate in a dynamic cross-faction story.

  • How will Horde players treat Dalaran since the zone is still stuck in the past?

  • Since Dalaran remains suck in time, we won't be able to treat it like an actual warzone. Instead, we will be conducting secretive operations in the city's sewers. The War Games feature enables Alliance and Horde agents may fight each other in small 5v5 skirmishes by using the Dalaran Arena. A majority of the RP-PVP will take place in Crystalsong Forest and the outlying areas.

  • How do you account for phasing?

  • As far as we know, there is no phasing in Dalaran or Crystalsong Forest. The only phasing we're sure of is the Argent Vanguard in Icecrown Glacier. If any other phasing is discovered, this thread will be updated immediately to reflect any changes made to the plan.

  • What if the Alliance or Horde is severely outnumbered?

  • Keeping the RP-PVP battles perfectly balanced is an incredibly daunting task, but we'll do what we can to make each engagement fun. To eliminate emphasis on number balance, we'll be setting up smaller battles across several locations. Additionally, there will be much more for participants to do than PVP, so alternative ways to contribute are available in case of severe disadvantages.
    This event is not final and is subject to change. If the quests set for 5.1 do not support this event, the details will be changed so that it is congruent with lore.

    We are not responsible for any trolling or griefing during the event. We discourage any form of harassment, but understand that there are limitations to what we as players can do to prevent this from occurring.
    I might have to level up my mercenary troll for this.
    This event has my support. I'd love to have Arrodis play some sort of a part in this. I'll be sure to add your battle-tag to my friends list, and I'll do my best to attend the vent meeting on Saturday.
    I am definitely down to do this.
    A quick link you can post to your friends and guildmates:
    A quick link you can post to your friends and guildmates:

    Hey who do I go see for the Alliance side?

    Hey who do I go see for the Alliance side?

    I haven't confirmed this with him yet, but I'd stay in touch with Kerdic. I'll be getting a hold of other Alliance leaders as well. I've already spoken with Maxen, who is willing to devote his guild to the event as representatives of Stormwind.

    If you'd like to reach me, feel free to add my BattleTag. I'll provide you with whatever information you need.
    A little gift for those who are excited about participating:
    So it begins.
    Looking forward to this! Count the regiment in!
    Upon the blood of the fallen, we shall return with a vengeance. I call upon the soldiers, the scholars, the craftsmen, the nobles. I call upon the veterans, and I call upon the patriots. I call upon every sin'dorei ready to take up arms and deliver this city from tyranny.

    -the forsaken spits-

    "The Wight Knight of the Hand of Vengeance comes for you Dalaran Witch. You Sin'dorei can count upon the Might of the Forsaken to see that wrong is righted. By the grace of the Dark lady, it shall be done."
    My main used to be a human mage whom I played as an Archmage of the Kirin Tor.

    First, I gotta say I love the idea in general. Dalaran needs more love.

    Secondly, as a loyalist, I deem you all a danger to society, and you must be PURGED.
    Want to go. Need to support the Silver Covenant.
    12/03/2012 09:09 PMPosted by Kerdic

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