<Integrity> 2/13H lf TANK & DPS !

Integrity's 10man team is looking for a Warlock and any other experienced DPS!

5/1 Recruitment Needs
High: Tank - prefer BM Monk / DK ( comfortable with dps + kiting)
High: Rogue
High: Balance Druid
Any DPS that feels they can successfully contribute to our raid team. We will consider ALL exceptional applicants!!!

Current Guild Info
10 of us have been raiding two nights a week shortly after a late start to MOP. We keep a consistent raid group every week and manage to get through content without the typical stressful 25man environment. We have considered ourselves more casual now than in the past but we'd still like to keep a focused attitude during the hours we raid. We expect people to come prepared with knowledge about encounters and how to do your best. We had a late start in the first tier and would like to continue pushing heroic kills in ToT.

Integrity as a whole represents a quieter atmosphere than the past but we still enjoy our play time. Retired and old veterans still remain in the guild and we always keep a welcoming environment. Some of our members participate in other organized groups and eventually we'd love to do a laid back alt run. Couple of our members have also enjoyed the determination of challenge modes. If you're interested in being part of this group consider applying for our raid team!

ToT Heroic - 2/13
MSV Heroic - Cleared
HoF Heroic - 4/6
ToTES - 4/4

Raiding Schedule
Wednesday 8pm - 12am EST
Thursday 8pm - 12am EST
Sunday 8pm - 12am EST
Invites go out 15 minutes prior. We require notification if someone has a scheduled conflict.

As of now we require our members to supply themselves with potions and flasks (handouts are given every couple weeks). However, Integrity provides feasts, enchanting mats, gems and most repair costs to our raiding members.

Application Details
Please head over to our forums www.integrity-stormrage.com/forums and send Tygera a PM with the details below. PM subject line should read [character name] - [spec] [class].

Character Name:
Armory Link:
Raiding spec of choice:
Other spec knowledge/hybrid details:
Provide Logs:

Describe your play style:
Describe your availability, do you have reoccurring conflicts?:

Previous MOP raiding experience(details - include which character) :
MOP raiding experience(before raid wide patch nerf):

Reason for leaving current guild:
Guild History:
Have you ever been a long term member in a progression oriented guild? Please explain.

Computer specs/internet connection (speed test preferred):

**Monday night added to raid schedule.

**Added hunter to recruitment needs.
just think, you'd get to raid with a legit bot
If you guys are still needing a hunter I could apply don't know if I fit your standards or not though
12/05/2012 02:49 AMPosted by Jösh
If you guys are still needing a hunter I could apply don't know if I fit your standards or not though

put in an app yo, only way to find out for suuuuuuuuure
Bump for justice.
12/05/2012 08:42 AMPosted by Wrok
Bump for justice.

as long as it isn't great justice. you'd take off every zig.

that would be disastrous.
Bump - looking for full time tank and healer!

Serious, knowledgeable and experience applicants only please!
503 warrior tank 510 disc priest looking for a solid home, Apping on your site now, can pm you in game as well.
and whoa, fast results are fast. DO IT UP
Dirrty Pop!
Haven't received anything yet, Decimeseed.
<3 Vemo
Whoops - our raid times were wrong - forgot to update with a change we made a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday !
sick&tired of hearin all these people talk about, what's the deal with this pop life, and when is it gonna fade out
Neeeeddd healleeerrrr
I like cookies.

Still in need of a healer and would like to bring in a solid warlock!
I like cookies. **

**But only if they're vegan!

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