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Alot of people want an alternative to Daily Quests to level up rep for Pandaren factions.

Some of us are willing to do dailies till we have done all the dailies once, some of us are willing to do the daily grind once. Some of us hate dailies. Some of us love them.

Blizzard has brought back Tabards at exalted to be cosmetic indicating we cared enough about the faction to level them up to exalted.

Let the dailies give rep but offer this as well.

The Honour and Justice point vendors will sell you a Emblem. To get this Emblem you will have to give the Honour vendor 500 Honour points or you will have to give the Justice vendor 500 Justice points.

These Emblems may be given to any of the Pandaren faction Quartermasters in exchange for 500 rep for that faction.

You may purchase 10 Emblems each day.

i will take my Nobel prize now.
I think... people will still QQ about it because they would have to spend honor/justice that they could use for something else, basically, the only way to make them happy is instant exalted upon logging and mailed epics.

I had a similar idea.

post #11 did make sense, though.
5k rep per day is about 5x the amount that dailies give and would make it so that I could be exalted with all factions in less than a week with 0 work (well running dungeons which I can chain run easily). Again double dipping as I get rep and gear from dungeons.

So .. um ... no ?
Dungeons don't really give much gear once you've run them a few times. Rep for running them would be far better than, gag, dailies. There has to be a better way to get some valor points and rep than doing dailies. I'm not dissing on those that like dailies, go ahead and do them, but there are plenty of us who actually liked the old tabard system and who don't like the monotony of dailies.

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