Addon confusion.

UI and Macro
85 Night Elf Hunter, now in Pandaria. Friend (real person) told me about and all the neat stuff you can add to help you in the game. I fought by myself over past 9 months to get to 85. I have little knowledge of PvP, dungeons, raids, guilds. I have tough pets, and fly well. I do a lot of auction trading through mail and an exec asst. who stays by bank and auction house.

At first look I can't make head or tail of the thousands of addons - which would really help me excell and make my life easier?
That depends on what you're having trouble with.
Do you feel you can use help with auction house? Or mail? Or organizing stuff in your bank? Or maybe levelling?
Here's a nice site that sorts them by categories, with links to curse and wowinterface:
It'll have description of what each addon does so you can figure it out a little more easily.

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