Reality Check (10M) 16/16N, 3/16H LATE NIGHT

Guild Recruitment

<Reality Check> (Blackrock,Horde) was formed in 4.3 and quickly achieved 8/8H in our first raiding tier together within a mere few weeks. Made up of a close core of like minded friends with a history spanning 3+ years together, we are now openly recruiting AMAZING players to add to our already firm roster. We hope to achieve top 10 realm, maybe top 100 US rankings in Mists.

*Due to attendance issues and lack of driven raiders we have not been able to keep up with Heroic Progression this tier but still wish to rebuild and finish strong by T15*

Current Progression:
MSV - 6/6N 3/6H
HoF - 6/6N 0/6H
ToES - 4/4N 0/4H

Raid Times: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:30pm - 2:00am Pacific Standard Time
We also may choose to raid Sun/Mon depending on raider's availability allowing us to work on Heroic Progression in MSV/extra time on normal progression.
(Raid times may shift down/up 30 minutes to accommodate new raid members as comfortably as possible)

Current Roster Recruitment: We are currently recruiting an Elemental Shaman, Mage, Hunter and Rogue to join us in Heroic Progression. Also in need of an EXCEPTIONAL Discipline Priest (with OS). (485+ ilvl and Heroic raiding experience in a past tier are required)

About to push into Heroic Progression hard and in need of strong players to strengthen our roster.

If you have unanswered questions or wish to discuss an application please contact myself in game through Real ID: Valgus#1630

Our Website:
This site also contains more information regarding loot/attendance etc. which will be of importance if you are accepted.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our recruitment post and I hope our tight-knit 10 man can be your perfect progression fit!
Them turtles..
No turtles here!
WTB a MW Monk!
lf MW monk and ele shaman asap
None for you Blind!
buts I wants some /cry
Ele shammy here to save the day
bump, added gaterade
I'll scout ahead!
bump comon MW monk tattva is lonely

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