Weapon Drops in LFR

When 1/2 on the weapon but my paladin who was my main took so many trys to get a weapon.
well killed lei shi.....atleast i got trinket....

same got the trinket
no gun or bow from lfr this week (used coin on both)
27 gate of the setting sun runs
No, I feel your pain. :/ I've gotten enough gloves to make myself a suit out of gloves. But no weapon...
My weapon is the only thing I can't get an upgrade for. Forever stuck with a blue bow. :(
Trust me you not the only people having bad luck with weapons. I'm full epic with a 484 item level other than my MH weapon. I too have spent my coins every week only on bosses that drop weapons and like most of you here I only end up with gold.
Epic ilvl 483 hunter with a ilvl463 bow! I'm so embarassed, it's the first thing everyone sees! Forget the full Teir gear I have.. The best in slot trinket upgraded! Check out his 1 rare!
I ran the Gate 5 man every day, for over a month (sometimes getting lucky and getting it a a random for a extra run) and never saw the bow.

Got enough gear to start raiding, and saved all the coins to roll on the will. Nothing. (week 1-3 ran it 3 times, first time got loot and used coined. Went back to MSV to do it again for another chance to use a coin. Nothing)

week 4-6 started running terrace, where i now started using all tokens toward lei shi.
I still ran MSV, but left it to only the main loot chance.
And in the 5 week- I got the Fang Kung.
But I kept running for the gun. And a week later, using the second token, I got the Soul burner.

And later that day, I ran a 5 man with some friends, and RNG, teaming up with friggen karma to make me insane, drops the bow in the gate.

I quietly excused myself to the bathroom and screamed, as the severely undergeared CRZ hunter who joined our 5 man got to walk away with a bow that eluded me for so long,
and the greedy little korean in me was screaming "MINE MINE MINE" even though mine was clearly better.

/sigh, i need to go get a cookie.
Just did LFR on the Emperors, rolled a gold coin, Loot popped up, got excited, looked in the chat box, and saw "You Receive Item: [Grips of Terra Cotta]", gg.
Don't feel too bad, I don't get crap.
12/18/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Aryä
Don't feel too bad, I don't get crap.

Same :(

I want my sha touched weapon!
8x Qin-xi
4x Lei Shi no drop with 2 coins again this week

34 Gate of setting sun
2 months 24 coins still no bow or gun ;bliz ranged weapon is heart of a hunter why is the drop rate sooooo low?
Maybe they will add a crafted or rep/valor ranged weapon in patch 5.2 ,or atleast raise the drop rate.
I'm in the same boat. I'm beginning to get really frustrated because I've used up all my coins in Lei Shi & Emperors. Ignored all other bosses / tier pieces. I've gotten lucky w/ everything else but the weapons have eluded me. All this while my rarely played DK has gotten the 2 hander sword, 2 hander axe, both 1 hand swords and gets something every run. I am getting fed up.
02/12/2013 10:19 AMPosted by Kathrian
What bothers me is that now I feel behind the 8-ball because the gun needs to drop before the Patch goes live in 2 weeks so i can blow my VP on upgrading it.

Exactly, I've been saving the 1500VP just waiting for the gun to drop this entire time. I'd even blow it on the bow now if it'd just drop. Arrggghhh
I'm begining to think the weapons are a myth and don't really exist...then I woke up when I find out someone in the raid got the drop 2x in same run (one from boss and another from coin) and didnt need either...../wrist
Yea the bow wont drop for me at the end of mv on lfr but gear semes to come easy for me Bottle of infinate start has dropped for me 3 times and ive gotten everything to drop for me exept a weapon so i know houw you feel.
Ran it tonight, nothing. goin back tomorrow to drop another token. If nothing again ill run it a 3rd time with the last token.

Rinse & Repeat

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