24 hour ban from the Forums just

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ended! My Sha of Profanity was not strong enough! Arrghhh! What is the secret to making the ultimate SHA!!!


How's everyone else doing today?
Posting about bans can get you banned
Work out a Sha of Why I Got Banned?
12/04/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Manaaddicted
Work out a Sha of Why I Got Banned?

Excellent Idea!
I got a 3 day ban here once and I'm still not 100% sure what it was for.
Going to chalk this up to a learning experience for those that may be unfamiliar with the Code of Conduct. Please review it before posting.

Discussing Disciplinary Actions
  • Creating posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against a character or account on the forums

  • Do not post about locked or deleted threads.
  • Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. It's up to you to read the forum Code of Conduct and these guidelines to determine what you did wrong, learn from your mistake, and attempt to post again without breaking any rules.
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