482 Ele Shaman LF late night raid team

Area 52
482 Elemental Shaman looking for a late night raid team preferably one that starts at or after 11PM server.

I have experience in all tiers of Raiding.

Blackwing Decent - 6/6 Normal 5/6 Herioc
Bastion of Twilight - 4/4 Normal 2/5 Heroic
Firelands - 7/7 Normal 6/7 Heroic
Dragon Soul - 8/8 Normal 5/8 Heroic

Currently I am 2/6 MSV and that is it but i have vast knowledge in every boss in MSV and HoF and ToES

I am available to be reached by battle tag - gokusan912#1877 or in game on Saranos
still looking

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