Happy Thanksgiving from the Community Team!

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Happy Thanksgiving guys! Enjoy your well-deserved time off.

And General Discussion, go easy on the mods who have to work this weekend, OK?
Happy Thanksgiving Blizzard employees and family.
*tips hat to poor mods left moderating on Turkey day*
11/22/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Slatra
The Community team will have a reduced presence on the forums while we are spending time with our loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. The forums will still be moderated while we are gone and it will be back to business as usual on Monday, November 26. We hope you enjoy your time in Azeroth and we look forward to talking about World of Warcraft with you all when we return.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for all u guys/gals do. God bless you and yours.

This. ^
I want to give kudos to the staff that are still working. A guildie had to put ina ticket a little while ago. The ETA said that it would be addressed, but here it is 3:30 PST and she is speaking to a live GM right now! You guys at Blizzard get a lot of grief for a miscellany of things, but IMO Your CS is among the best to be found anywhere!

ETA- Not only did they answer quickly but they were able to help her! Thank You Blizz!
Happy thanksgiving Blizz enjoy the famly time!
Happy turkey to everyone!

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