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Aladreth Demont stood on a podium inside his makeshift chapel a ways down the road from Stormwind, toward Goldshire, and analyzed the people that came inside to see what this was all about. His robes ruffled in the wind, and his cape blew back. He tried several times to pull up his cowl, but the breeze was too strong. As the crowd gathered, the man's smile grew wider. If this worked, he'd have a steady amount of followers right off the bat.

When he finally decided that enough people had gathered, he cleared his throat. "Citizens of Elwynn Forest!" he shouted, his voice loud and clear. The crowd grew silent. "Before any of you get suspicious," he proclaimed, "I assure you that I am not part of some broken fragment of what was once the Twilight's Hammer Cult. I do, however, come to preach to you a new religion.

"I am Aladreth Demont, High Priest of the Church of the Triad, and I am here to provide answers. To all of you who are dissatisfied with Elune, the Light, or anything else that the rest of your people choose to believe in, yet crave something to look up to, look no further than the man standing before you.

"The Church worships three deities: Decimus, Lord of Destruction, Balus, Lord of Preservation, and Creteera, Lady of Creation, for nothing created is immune to being destroyed, but if all were destroyed, then where would we be? If you want proof, just look around at the world around you! People die every few moments, there life force taken away, and yet, at the same time, babies are being born, the expended life force recycled and implemented into the new infants. This is the work of Balus, the most powerful of the three, ensuring that we neither over nor underpopulate, that there are not too many or too little crops grown in harvest season, that the sun and the moon must take turns at the top of the sky. Without him... well, there would be nothing. Things would be destroyed as quickly as they were made. So you say that they don't exist; you ask me for proof. Well, I ask you: Where's your proof that they don't exist? It makes a lot more sense than most religions, doesn't it?"

There was a muttering in the crowd; people were considering what he was saying. Aladreth resisted the urge to exhale loudly in relief. This had been his first sermon, and he'd been working on that part of the speech for months. As the crowd quieted down, they looked at him, eyes wide, expecting more. He smiled and gave them that.

"Not only does the Church give you something to believe in, but the Triad will reward you grandly if you pledge allegiance. Riches, women, power... anything your heart desires. As high priest, I have access to certain... abilities that will allow me to grant you these things."

"Prove it!" shouted an old man. "Prove to us that you have these powers. The Twilight's Hammer promised us power, and what did we get? A bunch of crazed cultists who helped bring back the damn- Aspect of Death!"

Aladreth smiled. "I was hoping that someone would mention that. It will take me a few minutes to prepare, so just sit patiently, if you would." He closed his eyes, and reached out mentally to his masters. Oh great masters, he thought towards them, I give you permission to speak through me as one. Immediately, he felt control of his body being wrested from him, and he watched from the outside as his body's eyes snapped open.


The old man took a step back as he saw the man, Aladreth's, eyes snap open. They were not the same color as before, though. In fact, they were going through a pattern: red, white, blue, white. When the priest spoke, it was in three voices, two male, one female, all in unison: "We are the Triad. We support all that our host has said. If you pledge your allegiance to us, we will give you untold riches and power... if, and only if, you convert. Behold!"

The man, or rather, the Triad, turned around, and thrust out his hand. Instantly, a jet of fire shot out, hit the wall, and spread out in a ring. The space within that ring shimmered, and reformed as a vision of paradise, a place where everyone could live in peace and harmony, with wealth unimaginable, and anything that they desired. The crowd was enamored.

The host body turned around, and smiled at the shocked and awed faces plastered among the crowd. "You see what can happen if you just convert? We have enough power to create, destroy, and preserve whatever we wish. We took control of our high priest's body without so much as thinking about it. All he had to do was let us in, and the only reason he had to do that was because he's empowered, and we can no longer sdimply barge in. We can do anything for you... if you convert."

The old man stood up straighter, all his doubt gone, and shouted, "I will convert!" Other people started shouting as well. Soon, the entire subpar chapel was filled with sound. Everyone was pledging allegiance to the Church. Watching from "outside", Aladreth smiled.

Everybody but one woman.

Standing at the edge of the crowd, Emily Sunclove frowned inquisitively. How had the man channeled all this power? She called shenanigans, and she had never liked those.

While the other people were cheering and screaming, the young paladin quickly walked out of the bulding. She swiftly walked toward Stormwind, and when she reached the Cathedral District, she all but sprinted toward the Cathedral of Light.

As she stepped through the doors, she was immediately greeted by Father Zallik, who's expression was utterly neutral. "Ah, Emily," he said, approaching. "I trust that your mission is complete?"

"Yes, Father," she said, expression souring. "The high priest, Aladreth, preached about a new religion called the Church of the Triad. It worships three deities, one for creation, one for balance, and one for destruction. He made good points, and it didn't really seem like a big deal... until he mentioned powers."

The priest's expression turned grim. "Powers? What sort of powers?"

"Well, he was... what's the word? Possessed? Yes, he was possessed by, um, well, I don't actually know. There were three of them, and they all talked in unison through the body of the high priest. They shot fire out of the man's hand, and the fire changed into a vision... a vision of paradise, where everyone could live happy and free of worries, with anything they wanted, and all they had to do was convert. The crowd wanted proof that they'd be rewarded for conversion, and they got it. The makeshift chapel that he'd built was almost immediately filled with sound."

Father Zallik's face turned grimmer. "Possession... I have not seen that in quite a while. A number of powerful beings have the power to possess, but not all of them are evil... yet almost none of them are good. I must think hard on this. Good work, Emily; you may do as you wish until I send for you again." With that, he turned on his heel and walked off to his chambers.


Deep in a cavern, far, far away from all sentient life, sat three beings unlike any Azeroth's people had seen before. These... creatures were here before even the Old Gods, and had been overthrown by them. Their brothers and sisters had been obliterated by the Old Gods' surprise onslaught. Only these three, the strongest of their race, had survived, for the immense power that these three, and only these three, wielded prevented them from being destroyed. They had been imprisoned instead, and they had been quite amused when their captors had been taken captive. They would have escaped millenia ago, had the Old Gods not been so careful with their binding spells.

These three beings, beings of immense power, beings who could obliterate half the planet with a simple spell if not contained, conversed. The three each had different opinions on what to do with their new cult once it had reached immense proportions. The first wanted to control the world through the use of brutal war, considering how thin both the Alliance and Horde's forces were stretched. The second one wanted to negotiate with the leaders, try to make them surrender peacefully. The third one wanted to slowly but surely convert the people of the nations until the ruler either stepped down, converted, or was destroyed by revolutions. While they could not agree on the best course of action, they did agree on one thing: However long it took, the Church would rule the world... and then they would be free.


Greetings, life-forms! Srdotsalot, long-enough-time resident of the forums here, and, believe it or not, I came up with this all on the spot, which is why it may seem a bit iffy and rushed at parts. Basically, the idea is that these three immensely powerful, primordial beings are trying to free themselves of their millenia-old bonds through the use of puny mortals, namely the citizens of Azeroth. Of course, there are people, like our friend Emily and the Church of the Light, who don't want the Church of the Triad to gain power, because, while they have no proof, the whole thing seems like bad news... which it kind of is.

You can choose to be either a member of the Church of the Triad, a paladin/priest from the Church of the Light, or a member of some other benevolent organization that doesn't like the looks of it all. I suppose you could be some independent broskie that just does... stuff, but that's not very fun. The time is about five months after the discovery of Pandaria, so most of the two factions' forces are shipped out there to kill the enemy and ravage the most beautiful continent that I have ever seen, which means that, as was mentioned in the IC, the forces are stretched pretty tight, so if the Church decides to go on the offensive, what're the Alliance and Horde gonna do?


1) No Godmodding without permission
2) No Mary Sues (Trust me, I hate the term too)
3) No metagaming or any of that crap
4) Have fun!





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Name: Aarena

Race: Draenei

Class: Priestess

Physical description: The first thing that stands out about Aarena is defiantly her white skin. In the right light, it can seem a very light blue. Her eyes are white also, standing in stark contrast with her black hair. She's about half a foot taller than most Draenei her age, making her tower over most people. She has two rings on her right horn, wears multiple rings on her face tendrils, and has three rings on her tail. Despite her youth, she has an ancient look to her; an ancient, sad look.

Weapons/armor: Aarena usually dresses in a simple black and white robe. The black seems to be a cloak of sorts, wrapping over her shoulders to fall down her back and front in decorations. She only wears it for formal occasions. She wears no shoes, not that it matters as she has hooves. She has white bracers, which, like the black of her cloak, have decorations which she often takes off. She carries a silver cloak over her shoulders with a deep cowl, usually pulled over her head. She carries a simple staff with a purple gem floating on top, carved with Draeneic runes.

History: For as long as she can remember, Aarena has been struggling in life. Her people were being slaughtered by the Orcs, her father had died when she was only three, her mother was left behind by the Exodar, and she never knew what happened to her sister. Each ring on her body is in remembrance of her family or her clan, each perished in the war. Despite her past, she turned towards the Naaru for guidance, becoming a priestess just a month before the Exodar departed. She stayed at the crash-site until a few years ago, when she left to aid in the war against the Horde, healing wounded soldiers. While many thought themselves her friends, she never really considered anyone her friend. It was too much pain whenever they were killed.

Organization: Church of the Light
Name: Dristis Octavian

Race: Human

Class: Death Knight.

Physical description: 5'11, he's built quite muscular. Tightly cut, slightly messy black hair a facial stubble, he had a large scar across his throat and one going down his right eye. His torso is marked with rune tattoos, as well as his forearms. His eyes are the typical blue flame.

Weapons/armor: Armor is pictured. He has a two handed sword, one edge of the blade is half jagged serration, the rest smooth bladed. Runes decorate the length of either side of the blade, often crackling with runic energy. The handguard is two dragon claws protruding each direction, with sinew covering the hilt. He has two short Gladii swords crossing his lower back, and a revolver on his left hip.

History: Formerly a Paladin, he lost his life and gained undeath during the first Scourge invasion. Serving through the Plaguelands and soon after, Northrend. He was good at the death knight thing. Often in control of large elements of scourge forces. After some time he was a high ranking commander of several Legions, and a largely feared one. Around the time the second scourge outbreak was coming, he was preparing his legions for a push through Azeroth. He was called to Archerus to meet with other leaders and the new batch of Death Knights.

Overseeing the slaughter of the Scarlet forces, he was called to assist at the Light's Hope Chapel. It was there, afterh the Ashbringer and Lich King's confrontation, that he followed Darion Mograine in the creation of the Ebon Blade, returning to Stormwind as an envoy of returning Death Knights into society, and to integrate their mission sets into the betterment of the world.

Organization: The Ebon Blade.

I feel weird about that history. I'll change anything needed. This story sounds interesting.
Both of you, accepted. Dristis, you don't need to, but I feel that, as an ex-paladin, he'd be a bit hesitant to kill thousands, considering they usually remember what they were.
Name: Michael Sumtor

Race: Human

Class: Death Knight

Physical description: He stands at just little beyond six foot, but despite his size he seems cool and not much of a threat which is the way he perfers it. His face covered in a ragged beard that had been grown in another life, and soul peircing blue eyes that all Death Knights had been granted upon reanimation replacing once dark nearly beedy eyes. His muscle tone is rather stellar considering he has his ghoul do most of the fighting.

Weapons/armor: His most trusted weapon beyond his blades would be his brain, he however weilds a sword he obtained from the grave of his former mentor in his past life. by runeforging it, it became something else entirely, he can the whispers of his former mentors voice guiding him. His armor is standard amongst all of the Death Knights of the Alliance, which he is honored to call himself apart of.

History: Michael grew up like a normal child of Stormwind, but when the time came from him to be of military age he shipped himself up north defending the remains of Dalaran as the scourge grasped the remains of the northern lands. His Mentor and Captain Haverhill had led them into battle with the forces of the Dreadlords where nearly all of his men fell. His Captain and him remained alongside one child which had been abducted from the remains of Brill. He had a choice kill his captain or kill the boy. His captain trusted him to do the right thing and he did. He killed his captain covered in tears the dreadlords frowned upon him. He failed to be corrupted so they killed him.

Weeks later however he was found and revived by Baron Riverdare who had been told by the Dreadlords to come to this place. As Michael rose again to fight for the scourge he noticed something, dozens of Stormwind and Lorderaon warriors like him had been killed here. He was helped by the Baron to his Captains grave which was a mere pit with his blade. He took the blade and aided the Scourge until the day of Light's Hope Chapel where he switched to the Ebon Blade. He was later sent to the Alliance to make things right with his King. His Captain was given an honorable ceremony and he was also allowed to join the ranks of the Alliance's Death Knights, which he did gladly. Recently was posted near Gold Shire, where he heard the speakings of a religion in which he was told keep an eye on the person who spoke of these Three Lords. He promptly took his place and kept to himself which was a strong suit of his.

Organization: Ebon Blade; Alliance
Very nice, though I think you could have put a bit more in the history; I think you might've missed something somewhere. Either way, accepted.

So, I'm thinking that after we get a few Triad members, and a few other guys, we can do this thing.

Race: Forsaken

Class: Warlock

Physical description: The only thing revealing her as dead is her mouth, cut into a wide grin revealing his bone structure underneath. Other then that she appears in OK condition for a forsaken. Her mental stability is entirely different story. Her form consists of a body of a female human looked to be about 21 years old. Back her falls over the grey skin that flows to her chest line.

Weapons/armor: She wears dark robe's with red and blur tinged colors. Her glove's and boots resemble the robe. Her shoulder pads just out with 3 points coming out of each. In the middle of each is a single eye on the front and back. Her helmet is strange, seeming to becovered with horns that twist and curl like vine's around each other and release fell energy obscuring her face. Her weapon is a dagger and book that resemble each other seeming to be crafted out hf a human bone is her dagger and her book is made out of a skull cut in half with writing all over it and the eyes and skull contain purple gems that seem to dissapear and reappear after certain spells.

History:Malevolent name was not always malevolent; her name was once Angelica Marced, before she died. she was once a protector of the light, a paladin. Slain in the original outbreak of the Scourge by a betrayal she and the others did not expect. She was raised as a banshee, how she survived long enough to break free? Luck. She was assigned to guard some generals as cannon fodder. All she could do was watch them butcher her friends and her people and she could not lift a muscle to stop them. All the time of watching countless innocents murdered caused her to snap.

After she broke free, she wandered not sure of what to do of herself. Her surviving family member, her son refused to believe that this thing was his mother. In between her good and bad days she was able to think and talk right but on her bad days she was reduced to a gibbering monster. The first female she happened upon was a female human of about 21 years old, who had died of natural causes. After she died Malevolent inhabited her body. And quickly she fled to serve the Banshee Queen. After awhile even the Forsaken were distraught by her acts of mutilation to others as she had no qualms about murdering allies in order to get the task done. She learned that to succeed you need to kill and spent countless hours on her good days studying and practicing the arts of a Warlock. After that she left in a hurry to join the Twilight Cultists on her deep descent into madness and lust for power.

Her first minion was a Felguard known as Flerk or Bunny to Malevolent. He represented the calmer side as he proved to be less hate filled but just as bloodthirsty as the rest of his race. He acts as malevolent voice on her bad days. She found out about some new trapped gods from after hearing the old gods whisper about "Beings of Rock trapped" . Thus bringing her into contact with the Church of the Triad, which she immediately pledged herself to, where she remains to do this day to follow the 4 steps she believes will free the Primordial Gods.

Organization: Church of the Triad

((She may seem strong but on her bad days she is pretty much sitting in a corner rocking back and forth and her Felguard stands guard until her fits over.))
0.0 dat is one scary laddy
She is modeled after stross from Deadspace haha the 4 steps...

Step one: crawl into the dark machine
Step two: the screws go tight, all around
Step three: cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye
Step four: she'll be waiting
Will she really be waiting? We shall see :3 how she see's people :P
Pretty good, you just gotta change one big thing before I can accept you, Rak:

How in the world would she know about the Primordial Gods (Yes, I'm going to use that name cuz it rocks)? The only creatures that knew about them were the Old Gods. Damn it, man, the TITANS didn't know that they were there! I'd really appreciate it if you changed that. Oh, and the 4 steps thing too... unless she's just insane and only she believes that these four steps will succeed in bringing back the Primordial Gods.

Considering that you're the first Triad siggy so far, I WILL allow Malevolent to know the truth about the Primordial Gods. She will be Aladreth's second-in-command, because of how fervently she follows the religion. Only a select few actually know what the Primordial Gods really are. She will be one of them. The next person to sign up for the Triad will also know, but only these 3 characters will know.

Now, I'm gonna go kill stuff on my main for a while. Will check back in a half-hour.
Alright will check it. ANd ya she is crazy and believe's the 4 steps are the steps to bring them back so ya she is insane.

Changed it to she heard the whispers from the old gods about new gods hidden beneath earth and has now set out to find these deities.
Name: Lineron Plagueweaver

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Death Knight

Physical description: Lineron stands about 6 feet solid, his blueish-greenish hair when visible is in the falcon hair style, his build is more muscled then the average blood elf male but still looks like a rather normal one, on his face is a small beard that he will scratch whenever he is thinking.

Weapons/armor: His personal weapon of choice is a runeblade that when he strikes someone with it makes them infected with a certain plague of his. His armor is that of the Scourgelord's and a hood which he often wears to conceal his face. When people would look at him with it on all they would see is his two glowing blue eyes and a insane grin.

History: Lineron in life was a blood knight. He was always....a little off I suppose. He would take great morbid pleasure in making those he viewed that deserved it to suffer and would always laugh insanely while doing so. He was never really ever able to make many friends among the blood knights because of this. Really his only friends were his only family, his sister and her son. After his sister died he vowed that he would always protect his nephew. One day while he was escorting his nephew too a camp inside the Ghostlands to aid in a attack on the Scourge they discovered the camp had been discovered and by the time they got there was entirely destroyed and crawling with Scourge led by a Death Knight. They were discovered and Lineron told his nephew Carinoth to run ahead of him while he held them off and his nephew went to go get aid from Tranquillen. He held off as many Scourge as he could but was unfortunetly he was slain by the Death Knight and his corpse taken back to the Ebon Hold. He was found worthy of becoming a Death Knight and was resurrected as one of Knights of the Ebon Blade. In death his insanity only worsened to the point that he started helping create ghouls and more plagues for the Ebon Blade. He participated in the demise of the Scarlet Crusade at the Scarlet Enclave and after the Lich Kings betrayal at Light's Hope he started feeling the emotions of regret and sadness for the first time since his undeath. Ever since then he has been wondering Azeroth in service to the horde....atleast up until Garrosh came to power. He then became exclusively part of the Ebon Blade with Horde connections. Shortly after the discovery of Pandaria he discovered that his nephew was still alive!....But he ended up leaving the Church of the Holy Light in Silvermoon and became and emotionless wreck who uses the powers of shadow priests. Oh joy. Anyway, he has heard of a rising religion in the Eastern Kingdoms and under orders from the Ebon Blade has gone to investigate it.

Organization: Knights of the Ebon Blade

......I am honestly kind of iffy on how he knows the existence of the Church of the Triad, if you want too i can change it. I am also unsure if he would even be allowed in alliance lands seeing as im a blood elf and all.
Lin, I was gonna have Dristis standing in Elwynn, listening to the preacher then reporting to Ebon Hold or Archerus.
Well the thread is gonna take place a few weeks after the original sermon, and the Church will have gained members of both factions by then. You could've heard it in Undercity or Silvermoon or wherever, Lin.

And Rak, I'll accept that. I guess the creatures could be made out of some sort of natural rock or metal or whatever, but we'll get to that whenever I end up going into more detail about them. Maybe you could change it to "creatures buried in the rock" or something like that, but you don't have to. The rest of it is good, though; you're in.

Also, before I forget, Lin, accepted. Just remember paragraphs; the history could've used some.
Alright, I'm thinking that we get another Triad member and we can start this thing off. I think that for non-Triad members, you should be reporting in to a commanding officer, telling them about the religion and what info you've gained about it. You should also tell them if you think it's dangerous, Old-God-affiliated, etc. What you say exactly depends on you.

As for the first few Triad members, just start out either preaching somewhere, conversing with one another, or waiting for an audience with me. I, or rather, Aladreth, will be... I'm not sure yet. We'll figure it out.

Come on, people! Sign up! Please?
We need Triad members otherwise this is a solid group I think

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