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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Seems interesting.
Then feel free to post a CS our GM as I call him would love to have a 4th DK I am sure
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I was thinking about it, just not sure I'd have too much time to put into the thread. It seems quite intriguing honestly.
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? I don't need constant posting; one or two a day would be fine.
Name: Tyranthite Ravendusk

Race: Night elf

Class: Priestess

Physical description: Her form is thin and elegant, fitting for one from nobility. She stands at 6'4" tall. Her face is free of any markings and her eyes glow a faint silver. Her long hair, cascading down to the middle of her back, is a whitish silver color and seems to shimmer in the light. No scars or marks are visible on her body.

Weapons/armor: She wears a long dark grey robe, with silver thread embroidered into the cloth in elaborate patterns. The threads used are enchanted and form a complex system of runes to assist the priestess in channeling her powers. Her shoulders are adorned with a pair of cloth pads crafted to resemble eagles perched with wings extended. Simple leather gloves cover her hands, and a large hood masks her eyes and head. On her hip can be found a gold-handled dagger with several beautiful gems embedded within it. She carries a simple wooden staff on her back with intricate carvings going down its length.

History: One of the Highborn, Tyranthite was always accustomed to having her will followed. She played no part in the battle for the Well of Eternity, believing it to be a waste of her magical abilities. After the battle, and the outlawing of arcane magics by the Kal'dorei, she felt disgraced and humiliated. When the other Highborn were exiled, she decided to leave and live alone in the wilderness, where she began to practice a new form of magic. Over the years she learned to channel the powers of the shadows to her will. With news of wars breaking out she finally returned to civilization, only to discover how much her people had changed. As news of this new "Triad" church arose, she saw a chance at power and the potential to help return her misguided people back to the glory of the Queen.

Organization: Church of the Triad
Seems interesting, I will definitely follow the IC thread whenever it goes up:)
Accepted, Tyranthite.

Will get the IC up shortly, and will eventually, maybe in an epoch or so, get MY character sheet (s?) up.

EDIT: Change of plan, it'll be up at like 8 Central cuz reasons.
I'll post when i get home. And i guess i shall handle the Horde side of the Triad :P
Name: Derek Herrington ((not to be confused with James Harrington))

Race: Worgen

Class: Rogue

Physical description:
Human: His hair is close cut and black, and he has a short beard and mustache, also black. His eyes are dark brown and cold. His face is usually set with a mask of indifference, but with an ever-present scowl. His skin is lightly tan, but still fairly pale. A trio of claw-marks mar his left cheek and he also has a few battle scars along his arms and hands, but they don’t stand out to the point of disgust. He is tall and lean, with long arms and legs.
Worgen: He has dark grey fur and brilliant amber eyes ((I’m gonna make the assumption that worgen eyes don’t literally glow, so take brilliant as you would with a human, I just can’t think of a better word to describe how I personally see them)). His lean form is similar to its human variant, and the he has the same scars. His ears have a few nicks, but are otherwise whole and straight. He has no excess facial hair to speak of.

Weapons/armor: Wields ornate twin daggers that he keeps as polished and sharp as possible. He wears a mask to conceal his identity and doesn’t ever wear capes, because they get in the way. His upper body is covered by a black leather chest-plate, shoulder guards and gloves, all accented by red trim. He is usually sleeveless, for extra mobility, and his claws poke through the leather gloves. He wears leather breeches which are black. For the most part, his armour is more for utility than decoration. Derek only wears boots in his human form. He also wears a platinum ring on his finger at all times, encrusted with a priceless ruby. It is a piece of his past life that he treasures more than anything else.

History: Lord Derek Herrington was a wealthy nobleman of Gilneas, who resided in a grand estate located in the mountains west of Gilneas City. He was unmarried and without children, and his only interests consisted of acquiring wealth and disposing of those who threatened said wealth. While not all of his business was done through honest work, he did make a small fortune from concocting and selling medicines, tonics and poisons. During the Northgate Rebellion, he openly sided with Greymane, but secretly sold weapons and supplies to Crowley, because Gilneas’ isolation had limited his dealings to only those within Gilneas.
As it was with the majority of Gilneas, Derek lost very much to the worgen outbreak. His estate was sacked, and he was turned worgen, forced to rely on others to regain his humanity. He was humiliated by what had transpired, and left his saviors behind to salvage what remained of his wealth. He found little, besides a small sum of gold, only enough to survive for a few months at best, and an old ring that he refused to sell. After the Forsaken invaded, he left Gilneas along with many of its citizens and traveled to Stormwind. To survive, he took to pickpocketing and thievery, but when his actions were brought to the attention of an SI: 7 operative, he was apprehended and fined. In order to pay off the fine, Derek was forced to serve as a soldier of Stormwind.
He was inducted as a trainee of the SI: 7 when some of the officers recognized his aptitude for stealth and trickery, and assisted as a Rogue in the events following the Cataclysm, up until the point when Deathwing died. After Deathwing’s end, Derek was released from servitude.
He longs to have back what fate took from him, and will do anything for wealth and power. He serves his own purposes, working under various organizations to gain renown and gold, working only for the highest bidder. He sees this new church as a perfect way to achieve his goals.

Organization: Church of the Triad

((Sorry if any part of this seems forced, rushed, or doesn’t make sense, but I thought this would make as a good character for this RP, which I can see has a lot of potential. As a side note, my character is in no way the best at what he does, he’s just a deadly (within the point of reason) rogue and a skilled alchemist. And the armour my actual WoW character is wearing is not what this guy is wearing. Ok I’m done ;D ))
You bastard. You don't even believe?!

Lol jk accepted. POST. Plz? Anyone?
You bastard. You don't even believe?!

Lol jk accepted. POST. Plz? Anyone?

Im writing one now. Gaul!
thanks, this looks pretty cool :)

BTW, his name's Derek, one r one k, I just doubled up the syllables because there's not a name available in WoW that isn't ridiculous :P
Would it be logical for Malevolent to be in an alliance city to get members? under heavy disguise of course.
If anyone here didn't already know, the actual RP is up.
We know just busy. And Derrekk please dont post OOC in the IC thread ask your questions here, thanks!

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