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k, good to know
No, Rak. No it wouldn't. Thanks for asking, though.
I'd post, but... Idk who else is against the Churchie thingy that would be at the Cathedral.
hmm is it ok if i make another character who's with the church of the light? just so we can have more ppls rping at once
I don't care, man! The more the merrier; go for it!

Whoever joins from this point onward, I have an idea for something between one of you and Aladreth when the time comes, but I'll get to that.

EDIT: Also, Aarena, just talk with some NPC's, like the Father guy I made, whatever his name was, or Emily, thought I may eventually take control of her.

Well I got halfway through making a character, so by tomorrow there'll be another person. I can't wait to see where this RP leads to :)
I have a character that can help with the church of the light if need be.
Sorry for the delay, I hope the length can make up for it. And don't worry about her claims, she tends to exaggerate or lie to manipulate when she needs to (referring to the master swordsman part).
I'll post in a bit. Should be before I go to the gym.

What exactly is our mission to be, Dots? Are we go to somewhere and recon the church or just start killan.?
Name: Lara Davis

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Physical description: Lara has shoulder length, blonde hair and green eyes. She is fairly young, with very few wrinkles marring her face. She is less than average height with a slight build.

Weapons/armor: She wears white priest robes trimmed with silver, and a white, woolen cape with golden trim. She wields a silver quarterstaff that provides her with greater magical capabilities.

History: Lara was born in Lordaeron but left at the age of sixteen when signs of the plague started to appear. She was reluctant to leave her home, but her father demanded that she and her mother leave as soon as they could. She never saw him again, but assumed he was dead.

She got involved with the Church of the Light when she witnessed a priest healing wounded, wishing to aid humanity in whatever way she could. She learned the arts of healing and became a priest. She rarely left Stormwind, and did so only to visit towns within the borders of the Elwyn Forest, secretly fearing the lands beyond her new home.

When Deathwing attacked Stormwind, Lara suffered another great upheaval; the death of her mother. From that day forward, she became more bold and adventurous, wanting to get the most out of her life. She became a field medic in the Twilight Highlands, healing soldiers so they in turn could win the fight against the Twilight’s Hammer cult. She was present at Wyrmrest when the battle against Deathwing took place, but did not personally take part in killing Deathwing.

In the weeks following, she grew restless, missing the thrill of battle, and found a new enemy: the Horde. She worked tirelessly with other members of the Alliance to fight off the Horde in battle fields across Azeroth. The tragedy at Theramore only bolstered her belief that the Horde must fall. Unsatisfied with her work as healer, she began to dabble in shadow magic, in order to personally fight off her enemies.

But despite her passionate dislike of the Horde, she remains an even greater defender of the Light, and will fiercely engage any who might endanger it and its followers. So, after recent discoveries of this new “Church of the Triad”, she is determined to get to the bottom of the organization and find out how much of a threat it really is.

Organization: Church of the Light
She's accepted too, bud. Good job. Now go forth, and... IDK. Be her.

And Dris... well, I'm not 100% sure yet. I guess you could try to undermine the Church somehow, like assassinate important religious or political figures that are affiliated with the Church, claim that it would happen to all who allied with the Church in the end, or maybe just get the Lighters to preach themselves. There could be some very interesting religious debates.

As for just randomly killing, I'd avoid that... unless, of course, someone gets you PISSED. Or you piss someone off.
I can work with that.

I can indeed.
Posted. Rak, you're up. Tyranthite, finish up the sermon; you're comin' with Aladreth and Malevolent to Silvermoon! We'll find you a magical disguise; no worries. Just one suggestion, Rak, improve the grammar a bit.
Just one thing, Derek, there is a full cathedral now. Yes, the chapel is still there, but it's not too occupied anymore. It might be a while before anyone actually talks to him.

Just saying. Other than that, LOVING the posts, man! Keep it up.
Ok, where is the cathedral?

And thank you for the compliment, all of it was inspired by your ideas, so give yourself a pat on the back too ;)
The cathedral, me thinks, should be a bit out of the way, but somewhere where people could still access pretty easily. I'd pick Deadwind Pass or the Blasted Lands, but that seems a bit evil. I suppose it could be in Duskwood or Redridge... neither are particularly hard to access, though not where a lot of people live. What do you guys think?

And thank YOU.
Am excited to see where you take this Dots lookin good so far:)
Hm maybe in Redridge, backed up against the eastern cliffs. Just a thought, since redridge is a nice place, and it would make the place seem more friendly. Plus, the location against the cliffs could provide a defensible position, like how Light's Hope chapel is up against some mountains in Eastern Plaguelands. Just a thought.
* whistles* Long post is long

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