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Great post, I love it.

By the way, how do the Knights know for certain that it's just another Twilight Cult? The members are smarter than that; they woudln't just go around talking about it openly. Maybe one of you two could explain how the Ebon Blade knows this much? Because you're sort of pushing it. I mean, it's only been around for a few months, and they're not the most open about what they do, as far as religions go.

So yeah... clarification?
I summarized it like that because of post limits. They don't actually think *cough* yet *cough* that its basically another Twilight Cult. I guess I could edit it to say that they "think" its a new Twilight cult and they don't want to take any chances?
Yeah alright.

Sorry for being nitpicky, but you really shouldn't just know. You can have a hunch, but flat-out knowing without any true solid evidence is just pushing it. Thanks.

Will post tomorrow.
I figured there would just be information being passed through crowds like chinese whispers.
Tyranthite, I wanted Derek to interact with your character, but I'm not sure exactly where she is...
Btw, Dot, does prolonged exposure to Triad magic lead to physical corruption, like how interacting with old god magic too much makes you look messed up?
I know it's short... But Idk what else to put.

Go ahead and move them outside or somethin in the next post?
Yes, but the Primordial God magic has more of a mind-crippling effect than a phyiscally crippling one. Sure, your face will start to look a bit sickly, and then stay that way for pretty much the rest of your life, but mostly, you'll just go nuts. Like, more nuts than Deathwing.

EDIT: Derrekk, very nice post, and your post is fine, Aarena. And Rak, good effort, though there are a lot of apostrophes that really shouldn't be there.

But honestly, it's just some grammar mistakes; I can still understand what you're communicating, so it's no big deal.
Tyr is at the chapel outside Stormwind, preaching. She just went into it Derek.
It's no problem Aarena, I have a compulsive desire to write the crap out of all things I write, but that doesn't mean other people do, nor should they. Sry for taking so long, got distracted.

That sounds awesome Tyr, I'll be glad to get Derek more involved with the church instead of sitting and brooding. I'll post something soon

Edit: And thank you, Dot for the compliment. It's nice writing stuff with people who have as much enthusiasm for the topic as I do, which is why I find social rping such a fun thing. :D
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*looks at random pouncing*........Why not? But lets make it more fun.....*summons army of the dead* Pounce. Dont eat. *ghouls pounce on Lia* *troll face*


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I'll get back to you soon Tyran, just need a little while to breath and then write my post AGAIN.

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