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Who else watched this horrific excuse for entertainment from start to finish of season 1?

The concept had potential but the entire thing just felt like they dialed it in and hoped it would fly. The lead female protagonist, a naive childish girl who just happens to be an extraordinary bowwoman. Even the uncle whose character at least had potential was poorly writ.

Gotta admit, not looking forward to what they do with future material.
2012. Year of the Bow
did they explain why humans didn't die?

From my understanding of this show's attempt to massacre science, batteries do not work. Except, batteries generate electricity through a chemical reaction... similar to how our brain functions.

Also, what happened to diesel engines? they do not require a spark plug.

I'm fully ok with suspension of disbelief. I can swallow faster than light travel and even with Star Trek's idiotic radiation vaccines, but this stupid concept that electricity is somehow a separate force that can be shut off NP GUIZ is so baffling
Tracy Spiridakos has nailed suprised.

If they mention family one more time i think they are all going to spontaniously combust.

The single most biggest flaw is there is a fat guy as a main character who is, after 15 years, unfit as !@#$. Seriously, people were crying about the guy in lost still being as big as he was the day they landed(Spoilers aside obviously, the point being the audience reactions), did they not think that 15 %^-*ING YEARS would change him?
Sometimes this show is so bad I just burst out laughing and can't stop myself. As someone else said, batteries don't work but brains still do? They both make electricity in similar ways. As for guns, they explain by saying they're running out of bullets and the machinery needed to produce modern ammunition no longer they use muskets....I dunno.

But yes, I did watch it all the way through hoping it would get better. It didn't. I fast forwarded to the end of the episode before the mid-season finale because it was so awful I couldn't sit through the whole episode. But the ending was even worse.... I'm done with the show. Much like with Grimm, I had high hopes because I love the scifi genre, but good scifi seems to have become a lost art in the post-BSG world.
I gave it one episode, but even Gus Fring was not enough to make me keep watching.

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