[H] <Least I Could Do> Recently xferred LFM

Least I Could Do is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild that recently moved to Thrall from Spinebreaker.

We were founded during Cataclysm pretty late in the xpack and are made up of adults who like to raid and want to see bosses drop. Most of us have jobs/kids and so we do not require attendance, however we do have a strict 'tell us what's going on' policy. We're off to a late/rough start this expansion because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find good players on Spinebreaker and so we came here. We hope to begin picking up some steam and we're looking for people to join us.

Our leadership is solid and has stayed the same since the founding of the guild on Spinebreaker. We brought with us most of our core raiders which includes 3 tanks (1 backup/offspec), 3 healers, and about 4 dps.

When we raid: Sat/Sun 10pm-2am server.

What we're looking for: We are looking for dedicated raiders that want to progress throughout MoP and can help us get this show on the road. Our hope is that we can not only fill up our core 10m but also start a second 10m progression group to allow us flexibility and push content even faster. (2 groups inspires friendly competition, allows knowledge of encounters to be discovered/shared twice as fast, and it also allows us to ensure that there is never a time when you can't run a full guild 10m).

LICD is pretty laid back for the most part, however we do take raiding very seriously during progression attempts. This means that we expect you to be gemmed, enchanted, reforged, and glyphed. We also expect you to know your own class and bring your A game to raids.

We are also looking for social/non-raiders to join us because guild chat gets lonely when its just us! So if you're interested in just hanging out and having fun, feel free to let us know also!

For additional information, whisper Fandora or Scylla in game or visit us at:


or whisper any officer in-game!
still looking.
Update: We are currently looking for solid dps. We could us a lock, spriest, shaman (either ele or enh) or a hunter.
Update: We got ourselves a lock and pushed through 2 bosses last night, so we're making good progress finally. Still could use some dps to strengthen our core 10 man.

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