Selling Alani Mount [A]

Hey Tichondrius!

I have completed my Skyshard farm, and am looking to sell the mount from Alani.

Contact me in game via mail or tell with your highest bid.

Rules will be stated clearly in chat, and screenshotted by both parties.

Upon trading me the gold matching the agreed-upon price, you will receive Raid-Leader and Master-Looter privileges. It is at your discretion to keep me in the raid or not. I will help you kill Alani if you so choose.

I do not hold any responsibility for ensuring you kill Alani should Horde intervene.
You know horde is going to Intervene =P
12/04/2012 07:12 AMPosted by Nubdroppers
You know horde is going to Intervene =P

Illidan is that way >>>

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