[A] Premature Heroism (lvl 25) LFM!

Premature Heroism has been around since the dark and cold days of Northrend (no, seriously, it was pretty cold. I mean, c'mon. ICEcrown Citadel?) but our members have been playing since Vanilla! We're a group of former Hard core raiders who enjoy to raid, but enjoy to raid without putting ourselves under unnecessary pressure. (That's what we have jobs, spouses, kids, etc for!) We're looking for new members, with the hope to eventually expand into running more than one raid team, or even running a 25 man team.

Of course, if you like just to hang out and chat, we're good at that too.

Our raid times are M/W/Th from 9:30 server time to 11:30 server time. No experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and have fun. A log of popping heroism during buffs or trash is highly encouraged, but not necessary.

We are currently in the market for:


If you are interested please PST Aiisaz, Katchystar, Raggi, Truckherder, Katalyna or Beni in game.

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