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So I have this list I put together for a Budget system. Meant for temporary gaming to replace a 2004-era system and then be relegated to another spot when I decide to go for a genuine performance machine.


Used the list from Kalganized (TYVM!) as a start, with a few substitutions due to availability and prices.

Any thoughts, warnings, or other comments while I still have a chance to reverse it?
I wouldn't really bother with ASUS motherboard; they are way too expensive.
Consider something like either Biostar A85 or ASRock Extreme6 A85

You still have a chance to get a 2TB 7200 RPM drive for $70. Look in Black Friday / Cyber Monday thread

Power supply must be 80 Plus certified, you can find tons of great quality ones in my Cyber Monday thread

Case looks bit poor. I also list cases in that thread

DVD burners should not cost more than $19.99
Unfortunately, most of your suggestions are Newegg, which adds a hefty premium to me since they charge taxes to me. Add shipping, and it's even worse.

And I couldn't even find the ASRock Extreme6 A85 on any other vendor. BioStar, I just don't trust. Same with that Seagate (which just sold out while I was dithering anyway).

The PSU, I'd like to have found something 80+ Certified, but the lower-wattage models were all sold out, and the Case is cheap and plain, which were important things for me. Lights in a PC case? Not interested. I was a bit worried about the price, but the reviews seemed favorable enough.

Now my Waterheater just went out, so I think I may shelve my plans for a while anyway.

Unless...I invest in a whole lot of high-powered CPUs and cool them through that.

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