478 mage LF raiding guild

LF a guild that is working in HoF. Can either do 25 mans or 10 mans, would like the raid to start between 4 pm server and 8 pm server.

Will talk about past raid exp if you would like. Send in-game mail or whisper me if I'm online and will gladly answer any questions you have.

Fire/Frost specs, can do either one.


P.S. I have healed 4/6 MSV, tanked 2/6 MSV, dps'd 4/6 MSV.
My guild raids 3 nights a week starting at 8:30. I know that's a little outside your requested start time but would that still be acceptable? We are looking for a tank and at least 1 DPS (preferably ranged). More details can be seen in our recruitment thread here:


or on our web site here:


If you'd like we can also set up a time to chat in-game.
Updated i guess not much lol.
just doing this to move it to the top again.....
If you are interested in finding a raiding guild,
that is laid back fun to raid with. Not too serious but just enough to
still be able to progress. A guild with some personality.

<Rage> may be the guild you are looking for if that is what you are looking for. We raid on a casual time frame, but a good amount of the people in the guild have been in high end guilds. So we don't want to just waste time while in our raids.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday- 9:30PM -13:30 AM EST
Wednesday- 9:30PM -13:30 AM EST
Monday- 9:30PM -13:30 AM EST

<Rage> Is currently recruiting anyone who knows their class, the ability to progress.

6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults
4/6 Normal Heart Of Fear
3/4 Terrace of Endless Spring

We currently have two mages in raid this week was only 2. We do continue to recruit so this may change over the days depending on recruitment.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask in game.
You're welcome to contact our staff in-game:
GM: Ripten
Officers: Candelir, dreager, eekthecat, kalmarin, Woofaira

How to apply
We do do an application process to see if you would be a fit with the guild.
www.rageraiding.com to throw in an application.

Oof I forgot to switch my character for the character that is actually in guild. If you want to whisper me in game you can also do that Character name Abduxûl

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