496 Brewmaster + legendary gem LF Home

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a new place to call home.

current progress 3/6 H MSV 6/6HoF 4/4 ToeS (tank in a US ~120, world ~400 25man guild)

No preference of horde or alliance, i prefer 25man but if the right 10man is interested i can be persuaded.

raid times any day after 5:30EST, until no later than 1am EST.

Available to chat immediately, leave your realID/battletag and I'll be in touch.
<Average Joes> - Bleeding Hollow [H] is recruiting for their 10 man group (separate from their 25 man group).

A little about our history:
The GM if Average Joes, Rawkiller, has been a GM for over 5 years. He has been the GM of guilds that were in the top 100 in the US, if not the world. Our guild environment is friendly and sociable but when we are raiding, or about to raid, we take it very seriously.

Raid Times:
Monday 7:00-10:15 PM EST
Thursday 7:00-10:15 PM EST
Friday 7:00-10:15 PM EST

Loot System:
The loot system is based off of your amount of time spent on the raid team, the number of pieces you have received per week, and the type of upgrade you are getting from the piece. Whisper Clacksman (Battletag: Clacksman#1738), Fearlessly (Battletag: Clacksman#1738), Subst, or Rawkiller in-game for more information. Your best bet would be to add me, Clacksman, to battle tag

The 10 man man group is currently looking for anything whereas we are just getting started with raiding the 10 man. BUT we are interested in a few classes more than others.

High need:
Tanks (any kind)
All other classes are encouraged to inquire if they want to raid with Average Joes.
IMMEDIATE spots open for TANKS and RANGED DPS!

How to get into the 10 man group:
The way to get into the 10 man group is simple and easy. All you have to do is log onto [H] Bleeding Hollow and find an officer in Average Joes. The main people to talk to would be Clacksman (Battletag: Clacksman#1738), Rawkiller, and Subst but any officer will do.

What we expect from you:
The raiders for AJ's 10 mans are expected to have 470+ ilvl as we are looking to progress through HoF rather hastily. The raiders are expected to have Flasks and pots at the ready, just in case they are not provided by the guild for that week. YOU MUST have 600+ in two professions that are beneficial to your class and spec. Lastly, raid times are SERIOUS. We are progressed about evenly with other guilds in our server, if not farther, with raiding only roughly 9 hours a week so we take our raid times very seriously.

Current Progress: We are, currently, only 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF as a guild, sadly, we have had some problems with people not logging on, and we have no tanks anymore! so that's why i am recruiting. I am hoping to get into H MSV in the next few weeks, or atleast full clearing through HoF and Terrace. Message me through my battletag: Clacksman#1738 and I will answer any questions you have.
I have beer!
ID: nse360#1710

Paradox | Mal'Ganis - 10m Raiding Guild


Raid Schedule - Tue/Wed/Thu 9pm to 12am Server Time. Invites go out @ 8:45pm.

Currently Recruiting:
Main Tank

MSV-NM: 6/6
HOF-NM: 5/6

About Us:
Paradox is a laid back but focused group of raiders looking to clear 10m HM content. Members are a mixture of players from Paradox | Nordrassil and Agony | Ysera, both of which previously tackled 25m content and have experience with server first Grand Crusader (both servers) and other titles. We moved to Mal'Ganis a couple of months after Cata was released to be part of a high population server allowing players a wider opportunity during off nights to do things with others (PvP, Alt runs etc.).

Our goal is to clear all 10m HM content but at a pace that doesn't burn people out by keeping it to a 3 night schedule while running with a group of ~14 raiders. This is to help cover off people being off for vacation / illness / RL obligations. We rotate players in regularly depending on the fight so people see regular action.

We do have expectations of our players and are not lovey dovey happy fuzzy bunny charming people 24/7, but also aren't total $%^&*!s at the same time. You will get feedback in regards to your playing and are free to offer feedback to what's happening. All we ask is that the criticism be constructive. We also accept input on strategy and try to keep it as open as possible in regards to formulating strategies (discussing it openly in mumble). We tend to work things out on the fly and sometimes go in to fights completely blind, and find that a lot of the fun is the challenge you get from learning a fight from scratch.

We provide repair funds and mats for raids and rely on people donating materials to make flasks/food. Loot is done via a loot council system with the focus of what will help push our progression better as we're in this to see the content downed.

Trial period is roughly 2-3 weeks in length, as by that point we should have a good understanding of how you will do / fit in. As a trial raider you will have a thread available to you for people to post feedback as to how you are doing / where you can improve. Trial raiders will have mats provided for them (food/flasks) as well as guild repairs and are eligible for loot from the moment they join.

From time to time we do schedule off-night guild achievement runs because of our love for nerd points / guild perks.

About You:
As our player base is somewhat older we limit our recruiting to people who are 18+ of age.

We are looking for someone who is mature, reliable and laid back. Someone who enjoys challenges, willing to try new roles and is a team player. You have to be open to constructive criticism, and have a bit of a thick skin as we tend to razz people a lot. You are required to stay abreast on all changes, specs, and aspects of your class. You are required to communicate on vent. You will sometimes have roles assigned to you and are expected to fulfill those roles (be it calling out a certain ability, interrupt, etc).

One thing to note is that communication is extremely important in a small guild like this. The expectation is that you post when you are going to be out / away as a courtesy to your fellow raiders.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our officers or members.

H] <RAIDING RAINBOWS> [25Man] - [Illidan-US]

Currently 8/16H 25m
RAID TIMES: (Server Times / CST)
Monday-Thurs 7:45 - 11:00
Sunday 6:45 - 11:00

Loot: Council / item points (not dkp)

Looks like you may be looking for a new guild, we are the Raiding Rainbows and here's a little bit about us! We are a hardcore progression orriented guild, we have been on Illidan since our form during the start of Wrath of the Lich King.

About Us

We still have raiders / officers that were with the guild when we originally formed. Everytime new content comes out we push as hard as we can to finish at a top spot and have been able to achieve our goal nearly every tier. While raids are very serious, during farm content we joke around and have fun like every other progression guild. RR recently merged with Mind Games on Illidan so we are currently working with a large roster but thinning it out quickly. If you are an exceptional player please do not hesitate, continue reading!

Here's our statistics thus far:
US #20th Heroic Lich King kill (15% buff)
Ended Wrath with a US #21
Tier 11: US #22
Tier 12: US #19
Tier 13: US #53

Still looking to maintain our top rankings by adding a few more core players to our roster for Mists of Pandaria.

During downtime we run multiple alt runs weekly, older content and have multiple PvP teams with the guild.

What kind of raiders we're looking for:

We're looking for raiders that are 100% progression motivated, we want players excited to show up to raids to progress on a new fight. The "lets bash our head against this boss until it falls over" only works to a certain extent and not on the later heroics of current content. We expect all of our applicants to come to the guild drama free, knowing their class in / out and any relevant content that we may be working on. Again, we're not recruiting for the bench and not looking for players that only show up certain nights. If we want to keep you, we're keeping you for the long haul. If you're interested so far, go ahead and read the rest of this post then head to our website and read some more before applying.

*We don't like to classify what classes we certainly need or not, we are mainly looking for exceptional players of any class that can complete and progress at a high level.

With that in mind, we still have a few classes in HIGH DEMAND

490 ILVL REQ!!
- Any TOP parsing DPS
- Elemental
- Enhancement
- Disc/Holy Priest
- Resto Shaman
- Holy Paladin
- Experienced Tank
- Fury Warrior
- Mage
- Lock
- Ret

If you have any questions feel free to post here, PM an officer on the forums or send us a msg through realid.

Sikonos: arotolo4@gmail.com
Strudelyaah: scifisock9@aol.com
Ampdk: Dreamshadowxl8@yahoo.com

Would love to chat with you just hit me up on real id and we can discuss things there.

Real ID: Zerogenesis@hotmail.com

Battle Tag: v3n0m#1637
This is our guild post and i really hope to see your application soon! :)
Faded Dreams 7 year 25man Horde Guild: Blackhand
Get to know us:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcJRzmT8KQo&feature=channel
Server first Guild , add me on real id so we can talk!
We are looking for all classes and specs currently except rogues!
We hold a tight roster and do NOT over recruit, please apply on our website or add me to real id: dbsalinas89@gmail.com or add me on my battle tag Digital#1433 and we may speak via mumble if you prefer. Also can add battle tag phiphi#1586.
We do not just raid, we have alt runs, GDKP runs we do with the server, bgs, rated battle grounds and we are always having fun running old content for transmorg and finishing off peoples legendary staves.
Server: Blackhand
Guild: Faded Dreams
Guild Creation Date: 2/16/2005 (7 years)
Faction: Horde
Current progression: 4/6H MSV 6/6 HOF
25manRequirements: 18+ years old, experience, knowledge of your class
Raid Times: 7pm-11pm CST Monday-Thursday
8pm-12am EST Monday-Thursday
Loot is distributed in a epgp format.
Paid server transfer available.
Website: www.fadeddrea.msBlackhand is hosted by the Chicago Data CenterOur Kill videos Archive on our
Further, even if we are not actively recruiting your class/spec, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply!~If you wish to inquire about more information, talk to Theundeadone, Phiani, Chiphoof or Wari on blackhand or the forum; An officer is usually online by 6pm CST.
and away!
Hi there! :)

Server: Elune (PvE)
Raid Times: 9:00pm - 12:30am (EST) Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday (Thursday for Progression)
Website: http://unityofelune.enjin.com/home

Mists Of Pandaria Progression: 3/16 H

Mogu'shan Vaults - 3/6 H
Heart Of Fear - 6/6
Terrace Of Endless Springs - 4/4 (1/1 Elite Normal)
Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold
Notable Cataclysm Achievements:

Spine of Deathwing HC - 5% Nerf
Madness of Deathwing HC - 15% Nerf (Many 1% wipes at 10% nerf)
Madness of Deathwing N - 247th US (Realm First)
Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider - 152nd US
Sinestra Immortal
<Unity> Is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria!

<Unity> is a 10man semi-hardcore raiding guild on Elune (Alliance). Many of our raiders have been been raiding since Classic doing everything from Naxx40 to LK 25man HM in Wrath. We currently raid 4 days a week for progression, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00pm to 12:30am (EST) but make the most of our time. Loot is usually done by free roll and very fair to the point of the person who has the greatest use for the item will recieve it. We're a guild that aims to keep up with with progression while keeping a fairly laid-back and friendly atmosphere. We don't want to be constantly stressed out over progression, but we fully intend to overcome all the bosses ahead of us. This includes all heroic bosses.

<Unity> has many people interested in doing achievements and we tend to do old raids on off-nights at times for fun and to get legendaries for people interested, this is not mandatory but you are more than welcome to join if you're bored one night and feel like killing LK HM or Yogg+0.

We are fairly social outside of WoW also with many of our members playing games such as League of Legends or just hanging around in ventrilo talking.

We are recruiting any of the classes/specs below:

Paladin: Holy/Prot
Monk: Mistweaver/Brewmaster
Druid: Balance/Guardian
Death Knight: Blood
**If your class/spec is not listed here but you are expectional and can outperform our current members feel free to app**

What we are looking for in our apps:
We want someone that can acknowledge a mistake they made on an attempt or can accept being called out on an error. This is not to single you out but so the raid can improve as a whole.
An app should know their class and be keeping up with all the current theorycraft for it so they can always show up to each raid prepared and able to keep up with our current members.
Quick learning ability and good communication skills. If you've read up on a fight and want to clarify a couple details on how we do it, any of our members/officers will be more than happy to address your concerns. What we don't want is someone who puts in -zero- effort and expects to down content. We are not looking for people who want a ride through content and you will be removed from the guild if you don't put in any work.
A mature attitude. We generally get along and have fun in our raids, but that can't happen if there's drama over loot or complaining when we wipe to a new fight, and we really don't want to have to deal with that. You should also be trying to research what your class and or role can do on each fight to play to your full potential.
Someone that doesn't mind sitting out at times. Yes I realize it's a 10man guild and you may want to raid always but sometimes a certain fight may require a certain class composition and you may be required to sit out. If this is not okay with you then we are not the guild for you most likely.
At least 80% raid attendence. We realize that real-life comes up and you need to deal with it. We have no issue working around this once in awhile but if it's a constant issue you aren't helping us. We want someone that can make our very light 4 day schedule without issue.
Being able to play your off-spec almost as good as your main-spec. This means keeping up on the theorycraft not only on your main-spec but your off-spec also so if we ever require you to play it you'll be able to pull competitive numbers still.
How to Apply:

For more information or questions feel free to contact any of the players listed below.
Acurrate (RealID - Jordan2598@hotmail.com)
Or feel free to just toss up an application at our website:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon!
<Gamble>, Mal’Ganis Horde is looking for a Brewmaster Monk to fill an IMMEDIATE spot in our guild. By looking at your logs/armory I was impressed by several of your healing parses although there were few. You should definitely check us out and think about applying.

Current Progression

11/16 HM - US 13th

About Us

Gamble was founded on August 20, 2011. Our goal was simple: To become one of the best guilds in the world. Since we started raiding, we’ve taken many hard, but necessary, steps toward it. Our dedication has paid off, and today our goal has changed: We seek to remain one of the best guilds in the world.

Notable Kills This Tier

---Mogu'shun Vaults---
(H) Stone Guard: World 5th
(H) Feng the Accursed: World 8th
(H) Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: US 11th
(H) Spirit Kings: US 11th
(H) Elegon: US 21st
(H) Will of the Emperor: US 18th

---Heart of Fear---
(H) Imperial Vizier Zor'lok: US 15th
(H) Blade Lord Ta'yak: US 6th
(H) Garalon: US 7th
(H) Wind Lord Mel'jarak: US 15th
(H) Amber-Shaper Un'sok: US 14th

---Heart of Fear---
(H) Protectors of the Endless: US 14th

What Gamble Provides

  • Consistent Top 20 US Progression
  • A Very Active Community - At the end of Dragon Soul we were doing FOUR 8/8 HM 25M clears per week using our alts!
  • The Drive To Become Better, Someday We Hope To Be Top 5 US
  • Flasks/Potions To All Raiders
  • A Stable & Tight Knit Roster

  • So you are interested? Here is how you apply or get in contact with us

    Recruitment Officer Btag: iamhardcore#1674
    Website: www.GambleGuild.com
    I'll pay you to xfer to my guild.... That is to say, I'll pay you in gum! Just let me know what flavor of Trident Layers®™ floats your boat :)

    I need a Tank, but I highly doubt you want to regress. Free bump for your search!
    Autopsy is currently searching for a second tank. Our OT is transitioning to DPS, and we're looking for someone with your experience. Here's our spam & I look forward to chatting with you if you're interested.

    Realm: Mal'Ganis (PvP) [H] / CST Time Zone / New York Data Center / High Thriving Population
    25m MoP Progression: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/mal-ganis/Autopsy/rating.tier14_25
    Raid Times: T/W/Th, 7:30-11:30 server (CST)
    Guild Website: http://autopsyguild.wowstead.com/
    Contact Info: Real ID - rossraddi@comcast.net or Battle Tag - Doma#1697

    I can tell you all about how good we are or about how great we're going to be, but if you can't get behind our guild mentality than you're wasting our time as well as your own, so if you're going to take the time to read anything about us, read our message:

    About Us:

    Autopsy is a very active Horde progression raiding guild on an even more active server, Mal'Ganis. Mal'Ganis has and always will be a strong server in the PvP and PvE community, and because of its high population you can do things most servers can't.

    We have an abundance of high quality personality that is astonishing for something over the internet in Autopsy, and the social aspect of an online game is something many of us enjoy and can't imagine raiding without. Most importantly we look for exceptional players, but also people that we can enjoy the game with. Our raiders do things outside of our raid schedule, they are apart of our guild and not just our raid, and are active on Mumble as well as our guild forums. On a typical off night of raiding, we have 15-18 different people from our main raid on mumble every night. We're always trying to get this number to continue to grow.

    Raid Environment:

    Our roster ranges from 29-33 and is constantly changing for the betterment of progression. Even if you've been with us for 3 or more months, tough decisions will be made. Our core of raiders is made up of mostly Males in their low to mid 20s that like to have a little too much fun at times, but we also know the times to be serious. The goal of our raid environment is also meant to be positive. If negativity arises it only hurts guild morale, and can take the fun out of something we've been doing for years; however, we're not here to baby you. If some dude online calls you a !@#$%^ or if you get a low roll on a dungeon blue your jimmies should remain unrustled.

    Important Raider Qualities:

    We highly value a players drive to improve because it's my belief that everyone should have the drive to improve in anything they do in life. Without it, why do it? The quality of the raid gets better and better everyday. If you're not improving with it, you'll be surpassed and replaced.
    Consistency is another attribute our raiders must have. Performance shouldn't drop 25 attempts later, and the next week should be better than the week before, but consistency has a double meaning to us. You must also be dependable. Not only should you be dependable in your attendance, but in every aspect of raiding. We need to be able to count on you.


    They are something every guild needs to be successful. Without expectations written in stone or a hierarchy of players, raids will never be organized and efficient. On our guild website we have a very detailed strict set of rules & expectations that can be viewed by anyone. This way, our raiders or even officers can be held accountable for their actions if needed. Here's our policies: http://autopsyguild.wowstead.com/forums/public/guild-policies


    My methodology is to treat Autopsy as if it were a business. It must be run efficiently and effectively with a huge emphasis on communication. Communication is the key to any human relationship. Without it, problems that arise can never be fixed. We try to solve and prevent these miscommunication issues by requiring regular raider meetings. A raider meeting is a meeting between myself (Domaradsly) and 2-3 raiders or new recruits. In this meeting I will express my feelings about yourself. Things you excel at and things you can improve on. Then you get the chance to voice your opinions. Not only about myself, but of any guild related functions you may have a problem with, so that Autopsy can ultimately continue to become a better place.


    A large part of a leaders job is to inspire those around him. As a result, goals become a common goal that everyone is working together to achieve. Hopefully I've inspired you to think the same way do, and hopefully you can continue reading more about our guild on our guild website: http://autopsyguild.wowstead.com/ - Thank you.
    Bump for a slow day at the office!

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