Gangnam Style LFM

We are a VERY small group of friends from vanilla. So small that my wife and I are the only ones that have been on in a while. The guild is lvl 9 atm, repairs are free.

We enjoy pvp/pve of all sorts looking for more mature people who like the same. We've been on this server since 2006 if any old friends wanna come chill on an alt or something. I've been jerrimus, altimus, maladjusted, rickeybobby, and captnsavah. She's been kelore, naomily, lithara, syrale, and triplicate.

Maybe we'll see some of ya'll around.
"heyyy...i know that guy"

Bump, we would join another guild as well as long as the raids were either late as hell or weekendy, Both of us ar 450 something atm.

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