Rogues are fiiiiine?

No, they have their problems. But, the number 1 problem is that no one ever bothered to learn the class.
I'm confused. You're 998 in 2s and just cancelled your subscription, but it's... our fault?

Welcome to the club either way, my time runs out in about a month.
Rogues are much better than they were pre patch, blizzard is making sure they do not overbuff the class just to nerf it, rogues might need some mobility but rogues scale so well with gear and weapons that their damage gets out of hand rather quickley.
Rogues are fine. Keep playing.
Rogue are fine at my modest level of skill. I mean I can cap 2s every week with my DK partner, though the win loss ratio is shaky at best. If that's what you mean by fine, yeah we're fine. I don't think I'd say we're good, though we are becoming more playable. I'm enjoying the blind and vanish changes.
Its an odd thing. I though omg rogues suck dps wise.

Then I got gear and worked my butt off and all of a sudden I was in top five damage. However, soon everyone else in raid started getting gear and I have floated to the middle of the pack around 7-10 on single target fights.

I know my rotations and keep them up on most fights that enable them to be kept up. however, most fights are made to keep up certain type of rotations which are crucial to rogues damage. I find myself dropping in dps on those fights and especially AOE fights that other classes seem much better on. Sure you can jump into combat but I have not seen a large improvement on those.

So am I happy with lower level mediocrity? Not really.

In PvP it was the same started out struggling and worked my butt off got a pvp weapon now and a few epic pvp gear pieces. There have been some arenas and BGs that I will take out two players solo and I start thinking darn my character is pretty good.
I will blow up some warriors standing toe to toe and think yah this is great. Then I run into geared players like the hunter that blows me up in a few seconds with my insane amount or resilience, or the Warlock or shadow priest that will not die and take damage and you have to beat on them forever.

Or lets see resto shammy or holy pally that will not die with me beating on them and even getting some help from friends.
I have fun on the rogue and I can do some neat things but the truth is we are a struggling class when compared to others lower middle of the pack in PvE and bottom of the pack in PvP.
bads still insisting the entire rogue community needs to l2p? cool deal.
i'm having alot of fun :D
Rogues are not fine. But keep playing.

Come back around 5.3

We'll either be fine or OP.

Until the next expansion.
rogues arent fine im 472ilvl know my class know my rotation gemmed and chanted proply reforged to what i need yet a hunter with full blues and a few epics can do the same damage i can on single target.... no wait yea rogues are fine hahaah ive put to much effort into my rogue so im not gona reroll i guess once every1 els stops playing rogues blizz will relise they need a good buff
11/28/2012 12:51 PMPosted by Viiss
i'm having alot of fun :D

It's the 2 minute vanish it it?
Rogues. Please. Stop. Complaining.

We're fine.
Rogues. Please. Stop. Complaining.

We're fine.
11/28/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Verelyse
Welcome to the club either way, my time runs out in about a month.

You're heading out too?
11/28/2012 01:30 PMPosted by Ninjablaze
Welcome to the club either way, my time runs out in about a month.

You're heading out too?

I've been on the way out since T13; Pandaria's pretty, but nothing else's changed to change that. I've just been locked in til now by the annual pass and the fact that I paid my subscription in 6-month blocks.

Might be back eventually. But yeah, I'm going. It's been fun. :)
I'm extremely disappointed that no one caught the obvious Roguecraft reference. Extremely disappointed.

All dese newschoolahs dnt no da pain we went trew.
Loving my rogue this Xpack. I am not the greatest at pvp but i still have fun and kill some people here and there. PVE im having a blast!!

I will always be a rogue, this is my first toon and it will always be my favorite!
2 min vanish and 1.5 min blind..very nice!
I rerolled....for now. And man am I enjoying this class so much more, its actually fun to play. I believe thats the issue with my rogue, I just don't have fun playing her anymore. :(
Rogue gear scaling extremely well may not be real anymore. The reason sub went crazy was more to do with 100% crit ambush and 70% crit backstab than the extra agility. Why, exactly, does rogue scale better with gear than, say, warrior?

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