GöDMØDE LvL 25 LFM 1900+ Core Team Players.

UPDATED FOR NEW NEEDS -- Our small level 25 guild is looking for a pro Restoration Druid, Restoration Shaman, Frost Mage and a Destruction Warlock for weekly RBGS Mon/Wed nights 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). This guild will only have one core team with a few standby members, that's all. No open or mass invites. Players current ratings vary, but have exper. from 1863-2200. Solid strategies and solid target caller. For more info. PST Æqt (alt 146) in game to set up skype call interview. We are looking to start Monday, Dec 3. New transfer guild with structure and logistical support already in place. You will not be disappointed. Hit me up if you have 1900+ Cr/Prior Exp. Thanks for reading everyone! Why PUG when you can play....
You should specifiy in your thread title that you are only lööking for Mages.
[quote="71989652247"]You should specifiy in your thread title that you are only lööking for Mages.[/quote

Dear Trafficz,

This post/thread title was written exactly like it was for good reasons. To see what each player takes from the generalized information they had read and what assumptions they conclude from it and how they act upon it. Your "assumption" posted above that we are "only" looking for mages is wrong. That is why I did not specify it in the first place. I merely stated we are looking for two mages, but I also state in the title that we are looking for more team players. A fast and easy way to estimate how players think. You are handed general information and I see how you fill in the empty space around it with the informational resources available to you (Armory, Guildox). If I hand you a red and blue crayon and asked you to color a purple picture and you can't........Get where I'm going with this? It's the best way to find 9 others players all on the same level fast. Sorry if It offends, but I refuse to waste nine other players time who all have real lives outside this game.
I concur with Æqt.

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