[H] <Diablerie> 16/16N(Elite) 2/12 LF a Tank

After a bit of a shakeup in our roster, we are currently recruiting for a competent tank preferably with DPS OS. Many of us have played together for quite a while and we are looking for more dedicated players to fill out or group.

We have a limited raid schedule and try and carry a small raiding group. I would prefer to see around a 490ilvl or better, but having similar progression is a plus. We have been known to take players with little experience and turn them into solid raiders.

Solid players of any type are more than encouraged to apply as well. We can hopefully find something that works for you!

Our raid times are:

Sunday 9:30p - 1:00a
Monday 10:30p - 1:00a

All interested raiders should fill out an application at http://goo.gl/SD8Mf

please send me a battletag request at Krenaa#1950 or reply to this thread with more questions.
bump for 6/6msv
I've pugged into this guild's raid for 2 weeks now, and they are a pretty legit raid group. Knowledgeable DK tank, good healers, nice mix of DPS. Worth a look if you are a tank looking for a late night raid group.
Still looking for that OT
Still looking for a solid OT that can make our Sunday/Monday raid nights. Prefer 480+ ilvl to match our 9 members of our raid group to make a good progression push, but ilvl is negotiable. Starting Heroic MSV this coming weekend.
2/6 HoF really looking for a dedicated tank progression while PuGing is not easy
Fact: we have been on Hyjal for a little over a year now.
Fact: Krenaa enjoys a fine cheese and a glass of red wine while he broods over his large fireplace during the holidays.

Yes, he broods.
Fact: Our GM is a flipping spider! No joke, eyes legs and all. You should see her raid. Amazing with key binds
Fact: I celebrate new boss kills by dancing naked on his/her lifeless body while our resto shaman dances in his shell.
you can pick your nose...you can pick your friends...but never pick your friends nose.

and bump for new recruitment needs
Hey Krenaa. Get a hold of me ingame when you can. I wanted to talk to Spider, if and when she becomes available. Thanks bud.
Still looking for a healer to round out our group.
bump for updated recruitment needs
bump for application link
bump it up for recruiting. 10% wipe on Wind Lord before server shutdown.
bump for progression change and recruitment update
still needing 2 strong melee dps

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