[H] <Diablerie> 16/16N(Elite) 2/12 LF a Tank

I'm a ret/holy Paladin with 1/6H, 4/6, and 4/3 experiance on my other toon. Im looking for a prog group for my paladin. Im willing to put all and even more of my effort into improving myself for raids.
Looking for that solid missing piece heading into 5.2 raids. Monks, rogues, warriors...i need one of you!
Still needing 1 melee dps. Going to take a stab at t15 this weekend.
Looking for a tank...ToT spot open tonight. Send me a message for a spot!
still looking...spot open for this weekends raid
Still looking for a tank for this week's raids? Hit me up in game some time. Hiraiyuki#1502
I am looking for this week. Ill send you a calendar invite for the raid times
bump for progression
just needing that missing Tank piece to bring things together.

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