466 Priest LF Raiding guild

I am a experienced player (started playing end on vanilla) who originally played on a different server that went dead so i came here looking to come here looking to start raiding again my raid experience is mostly in BC (Kara, Grull, some SSC and BT) and Wrath(raided all content) raided lightly in cata (only DS and the first tier) and so far in panda i have done LFR for MSV a few times and am looking to get back to raiding again i have watched fights for all of the current raid tier and i am a quick learner. i can play all 3 specs and will be able to adapt to guilds needs. I am looking for a horde guild that raids 9-9:30pm to about midnight EST maybe a little later. My preferable are tues,thurs but all times/ days will be considered! Thanks for reading this!
We are exactly what you are looking for and what we are also
contact me mantis5487@yahoo.com is my real id

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