Crusader title still in game?

Can you still get the Crusader title? I'm looking through the achievement tab and it doesn't say "Title Reward" Crusader" under the Champion of the Alliance. Nor does it say "of Exodar" under the Champion of Exodar achievement (the last one that I need). Thanks in advance.
you have to be exalted with the faction and represent them. ex. Exaulted ARgent champoin of the Horde grants me the title Crusader
Yeah, I'm exalted with all the Alliance factions and I got all the other titles except for "Of Exodar" during Wrath. I'm going back to finish it off I just meant when you look through the Achievement pane it doesn't say "Title Reward: Crusader"

There's another achievement after that step that requires getting exalted with the Argent Crusade.
Exalted Champion of the Alliance, which rewards the title and dailies, doesn't show up until you get Champion of the Alliance.
Thanks guys!

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