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Have you've done a password reset and see if that helps?

If you're on a Windows computer, you may get more Windows compatible solutions in the Windows forums:
Do you have an authenticator? Have you tried to sync that?

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This fixed the problem for me.
Hey everyone, I just had this problem myself. My solution was much easier, one of my keys on my keyboard wasn't working. So type out your password in notepad or something else and verify it's 100% too.
12/01/2012 08:08 PMPosted by Bluspacecow
[quote="71987857236"]Right after I attempt to login. I enter my password, then it pops up.

If it's coming up right after you put your user name and password in that's an indication you can't get to port 1119 of the login server.

Try telneting into that port on the login server :

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I've been having the same exact problem.
I've changed my password AND email multiple times....then, just today, as I went to reset it email's information was incorrect. It seems like someone is going in and changing the passwords.
This has been going on for about a week or two for me. I'm getting extremely tired of it.
I have bn getting this for well over 24hrs. And the only way I was able to connect here was to use my phone and have a code sent here. I can't even remove my authenticator to be able to play. I would like to spend the last few hours of my day off enjoying a game that I have bought and pay for a subscription.
I can login then i toon hop and get dc then I get the 104 error. If I close wow then I can log in fine. Not useful Bliztard.
Same thing happens to me every time the launcher is offline. I swear if I see another blue post about ''This means your credentials are wrong...'' I'll start seriously doubting the IQ of blizzard's employees. Changing password does not fix this as long as the launcher is offline. It wouldn't be a problem except 50% of the time I can't get to connect to the launcher.
I am getting BattleNet errors when using the Battle Net app today. WoW works fine and I can connect to the game from the WoW client when I avoid Battlnet.

It keeps asking me to reauthenticate, then the Agent shows up in activity monitor repeatedly. It also shows an Update for Wow and when I click update it gives a permissions error.

I have deleted and reinstalled Battlenet many many times now and completely reinstalled WoW, AND fixed permissions.

The Battletnet Mac app is one of the most skivvy apps around - why is it running from a shared user? That seems totally odd.
I am getting the exact same issue. Please try again after logging on as administrator. when I open app it ask for my password and only the Update button is there. my user account is listed as Admin
I've recently started getting this message Error #104 when attempting to log in. Authenticator and password work just fine to log into I can automatically log into WoW using the app, but if I get disconnected or exit the game and try to log in from the WoW start screen this error appears after entering my username and password. I've changed my password also, but it didn't help.
Decided to switch from a key chain authenticator to the mobile authenticator app today and the problem disappeared. Not sure why, but it worked.
Its a blizzard issue guys just have to wait till they actually fix even tho they seem to give the wrong awnser to solve the issue
I am newbie. i've been playing beginners edition for a couple of weeks, and i paied 19.99 to upgrade.
Then,,, I got this problem. same as yours. I wouldn't pay 19.99 if I got this problem when i was playing beginner's edition. what a perfect timing.
I searched forum, googled, checked blizzard homepage, checking my computer,,install authenticator,, Unlock id.. did everything i could.
The only way that i can log in is.... to click change password and input authenticator number.
Everytime i got problem with login, I reset password.
I already changed my password 3 times for 2 weeks. And i will change again a few days later.
If this doesn't work some day, I will stop playing this.

Good job blizzard.
error 104 is annoying me
please more if someone here to help me because I can not go in the game .... the reason for the issue #error 104
you who that one problem after what you did?

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