LF 4 people to join me in a wee project

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Hello, i have been thinking about this thing a for a while now and really ready to do it.

It's pretty basic. But this is going to take a long long time.

All 5 of us will make brand new toons with full BoAs. Quest to lvl 10 then BG 10-90.
Yes i know some of you will think this is absolutely stupid but whatever... I really enjoy pvp and i am looking for people who enjoy it is well and won't leave after a couple of games.

I am doing this on alliance side and on Barthilas. But it really doesn't matter what server you are on because of the real ID invite.

If you think you might be interested then Add my battletag (at the bottom) and we can talk about it.

I made myself 3 rules for this though:

- Full BoAs (Helm/Shoulder/Chest/Legs/Cloak/Wep/Trinks) Try get PvP Wep and Shoulders if possible.

- No questing/Grinding mobs past level 10.. Only BGs

- To fill in non-heirlooms slots, use BS/JC/LW/Tailor to craft gear (also you can use honor to get low lvl honor gear)

If this sounds like you wanna join along this long adventure and have some funs and laughs. Please make sure you are willing to be committed to it. And a mic for skype or vent is a must.

I am wanting to do this most/nearly almost every night between the times 8-3am EST.

I don't mind what class you choose. Myself is going warrior. But would really like a healer like a disc priest and another healers with DPS spec in case we get to many healers in a group.

So that is pretty much it. I really think it will be fun. By the end of it you will be really experienced in the class you choose/ massive HK count and maybe a possible leet 5s team at the end? So contact me if you would like to join!


Oh, 1 more thing.. Don't bother looking at this armory. I'm on a different account to my main.

Cheers guys!!
Don't have Boa trinks but I think I would be very interested in this. Not sure what class to make haha.

Ill make a healer - Slicenaddice#1473
I'm getting an error, I'll add your battletags when I can log back in.

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