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I've probably died 40+ times to these annoying creatures, and cannot figure out a good strategy. Sometimes, I'll somehow get really luck and get them down to 10% or so, but I don't think I'm doing the fight right. Right now, I open with some burst, trying to get as many missiles on the duo as possible. Then the electric guy goes to a shield, and I get an evocate off before focusing on him (Bo), continuing to circle closely around him. Repeat for next shield.

But, the problem I'm having as a Mage is the fact that every 8 seconds or so I'll get hit with an 80k or so lightening bolt...negates the ice barrier and starts chipping down hp. If I can deep him, I do so to save 1 attack or throw a rof down if I have a chance. But even with a 120k hp potion, a couple evocates and barrier on cd, I'm pretty much dying to just the stupid lightening bolt (100% dmg I take is from it...).

Any tips for this fight for classes that can't self heal efficiently? 99% of the guides/tips I've come across say go tank or heal spec, or offheal frequently...
that fight is such a !@#$ fest til they use generators. sounds like your strat is ok but can u spell lock the beam from bo at all? theyre stunable so thats how im trying to stop him but i have like 4 stuns so its a little more convinient for me i suppose. tough fight. hang in there you'll get them :D

p.s. - u def want to use the bombs from max as dmg as much as possible
I'm a moonkin with rejuve so I know it makes it easier for me, but my strat was all out of whack and I couldn't figure it out. I was popping cds and stuff with no luck. Then I changed it up to spend very little time worrying about dps, and only focusing on my positioning and nothing else. Those rockets hit for like 300k, so what I did when they started was to focus on those and only those. You want each rocket shot at you to hit at least one of them, but obviously not you. Moving around them in a small circle to ensure the rockets hit them will make the fight really fast actually. Each one that misses them lengthens the fight and makes it really hard to survive.

As a mage you would really just have a lot less room for error. There was a rogue on him when I was and we both used the same strat to get it, he just had to be more perfect than me.
As a hunter, I know your pain. Making the lightning attack not interruptable is ridiculous.
Same problem here... that lighting...
I had to max out my self heal talents, and spam my instant no move fear every 10s to use as interrupts, and death coil for heal and cc; even with all that and dark barrier and self heals from grimoire of sacrifice, not to mention siphon life and other talents, I think I was one death beam away from death.

Oh, I also bandaged inside the shield; you have evo but if its on cd try that, gets you one or two extra beams of life
This might be unorthodox but have you tried sheeping him just to interrupt? Ring of frost probably works too.
Get survival talents/glyphs, anything that can heal you or prevent damage
Start the fight
Hug Bo the whole time, circling around him to avoid grenades
Get bo killed by the goblin's shots

As Ele, at some point, i had to dodge-heal-dodge-heal-dodge-heal towards the end

Pop cooldowns at the start, and let the goblin do the rest.
As a mage:

Start the fight with as much damage as possible until rocket barrage starts. When it starts, ice block on both guys--they're now at 50%. Use cold snap when you take some damage (to maximize the heal). When the rocket guy goes to the shield, ice block on the gnome again.

They should be dead or almost dead after the second block with rockets tunneling them. Ice block glyph helps a lot here so you can't get gibbed as you leave your block.

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