Protection warrior threat

Is anyone else having trouble holding AoE threat in raids as a prot warrior? Im thunderclapping like mad and hitting shockwave all i can and for some reason the AoE DPS just pulls aggro off of me. Is there something im doing wrong? Something I need more of? Or am I just dealing with bad DPS who dont know how to manage aggro?
I've only done LFR so I'm not sure how credible I am, but I haven't had any issues as long as I can charge in and get a Thunder Clap off. Occasionally if someone is single targeting while I'm trying to maintain AOE I might lose aggro, but it's not a huge deal as I can taunt right off.

Charge, Thunder Clap, backpedal a bit, Shockwave, and you're good to go. If I have excess rage or if CS is up before the pull I can even get Shield Block up to help w/ early mitigation(not really an issue w/ LFR trash from what I can tell).
Prot warrior AOE threat is pretty ridiculous. If you're losing aggro to dps while "thunderclapping like mad and hitting shockwave" then it's a safe bet you're not actually thunderclapping like mad and hitting shockwave. Or not in defensive stance.

Make sure you're also cleaving and revenging on AOE packs, but frankly thunderclap/shockwave do most of the work here.
Bloodbath dot doesn't hurt to use.

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