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I think they should give thanks to an account that has been active for over a year. Let each of those accounts transfer two for the price of one, once a year.
This more then likely will never happen as much as I wish it would but why not throw it out there... Wtb a discount or something for transferring all toons from one realm to another. I really like the benefits of having all the toons I've already worked on so much on one realm together, but I would really like to change realms... Paying to transfer them all would just be.... ugh. :(

/sad panda over

I would like to see a discount for some mass transfer, I got a ton of 85-90's
Well I could carry on but I'd just be be banging my head against the wall any how....

Thanks for contacting us today :) I appreciate your situation and concern for the population on your realm. That is the very reason why we have implemented Cross Realm Zones. I can see your frustration, however I can assure you that at this time we will be unable to offer you a free character migration or a discounted one. Stay tuned though! You may qualify for one of our new promotions. Free transfers cannot be done unless the Development Team issues them. This is not something that Support can grant for you. This is a realm wide issue so we are looking to fix it for your entire realm. The best thing for you to do is either submit an in-game suggestion or post your suggestion on the forums so that it is heard by the right people. Our Development Team frequently looks at the forums to find ways to improve the game. Submitting your suggestion there will ensure that someone who can resolve this will look into it for you.

Thanks and have a great day.

Ashlee B. ♥
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To those who think $25 a realm transfer per toon is too much "I Tried" I'm dropping the matter.Apparently it would End WoW and bankrupt Blizz to give any sort of discount even to just their long time customers. I''ll just have to abandon my alts and re-roll like so many others have done. Below is Blizz's response to my repeated request.

This is the latest response from Customer Support:
Hi there,

I'm sorry that you are unsatisfied with our service. Unfortunately we are not able to offer discounts for our Character Services. I can understand that $25.00 is a significant price for a Character Transfer but I am sure yu can understand that if we were to offer you a discount then that would likely open the flood gates to many other requests from other players hoping for the same exception which is why we are not able to do this.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you have a great day :)

Thanks for contacting us!

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What I would love would be for Blizzard to offer a guild transfer feature which would transfer the entire guild and all members to a new server.

I would GLADLY pay a decent amount of money for this service. Make it expensive enough so that some jerk can't troll an entire guild - something like $500-750. Make it so a each character has to "agree" to the transfer by issuing a code once the service is paid for that gets entered on the account services page. Whatever needs to be done - just let it be done.

My guild would be off our tiny server so fast that our bits and pixels would leave burnout marks on the server memory...
WTT 25,000 Gold for 1 character transfer LOL
Look, I just want to be able to log in and see 4 or 5 people pugging in trade to fill their raid group. That kind of activity is just not happening on my server and it makes me unhappy. I've stuck it out on Uldaman for a long time and it just slowly declined. Back in Lich King besides raiding with my own guild I was raiding with two others on a regular basis,not to mention the various pugs.
I didn't want to move my main toon but I didn't want to languish forever either. I like a lot of the options Blizz has brought to the game as far as crz and lfr,lfd,But I dont really know anyone yet on the new server and forming relationships takes time as well as rerolling the alts to support my main. The cost is prohibitive to transfer my alts. If you argue the point that Im not solving any problems for the server well I tend to agree. That's not my concern. Damage is already done, I moved my main and I'll get the cash eventually to move my alts.
IDK I just don't get why it's so difficult for them show a little apprecition for all the cash I and others have spent with them and give us something like a 25% discount on this and shut us up LOL. Blizz,their staunch supporters and I disagree on this. We are not going to agree apparently. And so this post will probably be deleted shortly and another skirmish forgotten....

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