(H)10man LF Casters/Healers

Hello there!

We are a close knit group of friends, and we are starting to tackle some MoP content this coming week. Sadly we are a bit short on team players! A lot of us have known each other for several expansions.

We aren't your Hcore run of the mill guild who just face smashes content until they are tired of the game. We are more casual, but plan to clear all regular content and be well into heroic content before more is released.

In need of:

-Melee is closed, but we may make an exception if you are amazing

We do loot in a round robin type of way. We are all adults here...so if you need it Go for it, but if you just received something be aware of your fellow raiders.

Our ultimate goal as a group is to form another 10 man team and eventually merge them into a 25man. Now currently we want to gain a few players for an even stronger core of about 11-13 people for our 10 man so that we can destroy content in a timely manner.

If you can't move out of bad things, are 12 years old, and don't take constructive criticism very well then move on to the next post.

Add me on real ID for more information, and a chat in mumble.

When do ya'll play? got any room for a mage/spriest duo?
What days and times are you looking to raid?

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