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Nice, been looking for pieces for a black armor mog myself, thinkin of the hunter ulduar stuff mainly.
Nice set goes well with a panda

Anyways anyone know of some good looking savages maces that a troll would rock?
I think the ones you are using now match the transmog perfectly.
9/10 Dekanteg

Not my fav colors but they go together pretty well.
8/10 I like the combo with the helm :)
9/10 on an orc. But a female panda??? I cant adjust to that sorry.
8/10 fitting for a draenei

feeling da voodoo. have the perfect mog shield but garajai is being a bastard
Would have given an 8/10 but bump it up to a 9/10 cause your a troll in the set.

EDIT: I hate this fan argh.
@ Ceepee-9/10

You look like a very threatening shaman! Nice job with the hat and shield, they seem very well matched. Although the mace seems slightly out of place. All in all great xmog, it must look even cooler in game.
8/10 not bad :)

I need a dagger, any suggestions?

You dont look like a shammy, lol.

I really love those shoulders. On a cow they're huge. But you have a lot going on in your transmog; Horde Shield, Tabard, Crazy Troll hat.

But those shoulders, oh my god so huge.
8/10 not bad :)

I need a dagger, any suggestions?

You could try Netherbreath Spellblade from Utgarde Pinnacle.
7/10. The pieces work very well together. And the tabard made me grin. But I think I'd like to see you with different weapons.
7/10 Quite creative. The helm ruins it for me, though.
moonkin+walrus? :D
12/02/2012 04:36 PMPosted by Elevated
I so far love the new look of the new PvP set but can't stand the weapons, figured these look a bit better.

those maces look good with the dreadful. i like the new pvp set aswell, but i wish they didnt make the healing weaps one handed, all the old healing maces were mainhand so now i cant xmog them :/
12/03/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Happyducky
8/10 I like the combo with the helm :)

very nice. you look like a badass pirate, or a bandit chief from fable.. if there were pandas in fable tho i guess lol
Your colors don't match very well and I'm not a fan of current tier pvp gear.

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