Monk Tank/dps or Lock LF 2 night progression

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Looking to raid 2 nights a week, preferably Sun/Mon. Prefer Alliance to avoid excessive transfer fees. Preference is to tank.

Battletag : Damage#1766
We're Horde and 3 nights a week, but we have the advantage of having an immediate tanking slot available for you. If you're not interested, then free bump to you and I wish you the best of luck.

The Wolfpack is a (8/8H Tier 13 - 7/16 Tier 14) Horde guild on Llane (US-PvE) - established November 2008 - and still under the same leadership.

We are recruiting recruiting for a CORE raid spot. Not second string - No Bench.

ONE TANK: Prot Warrior Strongly Preferred, will consider Brewmaster, Prot Pally or Guardian

Raid Nights: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday (11:15PM-1:30AM EST / 8:15PM-10:30PM PST)

For more information:
Apply at:
Thanks for the offer but I am really trying to avoid Wed and Thurs nights. Ideally Sun/Mon or Sun/Tues. Sun/Wed as last resort.
So... My guild raids Wednesday and Sunday 8-11pm EST, looking for a caster dps, we are horde so that is kinda a negative for you in particular. we're a paltry 4/6 and 1/6 due to loss of a player and having to pug sub par dps.

HeroZero#1578 (if you would like to e-mail me)

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