If you would like to share the last ToD (time of death) of Galleon, please post it here. I will be bumping this thread every day and also posting every time I see it. Galleon has a 72 hour spawn, so I thought it would make it easier if there was a thread with his spawn times. Thank you
This is actually a pretty good idea for a sticky
Except he doesn't have a 72 hour spawn. He has a period of 72 hours when he can't spawn, then he has a period of 48 hours when he will spawn once. Even if you know he hasn't spawned in 72 hours all it tells you is that he will spawn in the next 48.
just to let u guys know my realm shattered halls nobody has seen him since last monday so he didnt spawn for us at all this week
pst dismantle for galleon
This is a great idea, does anyone have an update of his last kill?

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