Recruiting for Late Night Raid Team


We are currently putting together a Late night raid team. Looking to be semi-to-hardcore progression raiding. Members are at 4/16 heroic and rest Normal farm. People inquiring to have at least similar Progression, with current and previous hard mode raiding. We are looking for a fun, and enjoyable raid experience, with the intent to get content down. Our times and days will be Friday and Saturday night, 12 to 3 AM server time (9-12 PST). Attendance and consistent performance is a must.

We are in need of A Tank, A Healer, and 2 DPS.

More specifically a Guardian Druid Tank, Holy Paladin Healer, Elemental Shaman DPS, Warlock (Affliction/Demo preferred) DPS, Mage Fire DPS, and a Hunter of any spec DPS. (Willing to work with any exceptional players)

Any players interested Message me in game (Donalddilber is my alt I may be on) or post here. Thank you!

Currently only seeking 2 DPS (Warlock/Hunter) And a Healer (Preferred Shaman/Pally).

The Group will be running this weekend regardless of full or not, so if you're ready to raid get in touch with us.
Still need DPS (Lock/Hunter) and a Healer. leygo

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