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the fish pond idea is neat ... perhaps buying fry from a vendor and stocking the pond enables us to scoop up 4 "netfulls" of fish per day. pretty much the same mechanic as buying seeds, planting them, and then harvesting
I actually don't mind the virmen and birds when there's a bunch of them. I round them all up at once and have an AOE fest. It's the tall weed's where I need to spam 111111-2,111111-2 that I'm not too fond of.

I do think it would have worked in better with the farm theme that when we brought the dog to our farm that he did something in regards to the virmen. Would have made sense.

I am glad to hear I am not the only one TOTALLY annoyed with the darned huge vine weeds. Note to Blizz: This is NOT fun.

Root Cellar, great idea! There are some very creative people on these forums. Maybe Bilzzard should hire a few. I still cannot believe that the scarecrow, dog and a few other things do nothing to help us. It's literally mindless.
Yes please a root cellar next to the field to store veggies!
I would love to see a Koi Pond for my farm.

with this kind of fish swimming in it
I don't know if this was mentioned in this thread but I want to say thanks for changing the personal gift items that sometimes show up when harvesting to seeds for us who are all-the-way-exalted.

If the fish pond is going to be implemented and actual fishing is too hard, make it like Harvest Moon: A New Beginning's Livewell. You put one fish and feed it everyday and it multiplies gradually to 10 max. Fishing for carp (again...I'm all done with CS!) for the student quests is making me cry.

e: koi ponds are nice - they *are* technically carp so we can cook them, yes?
A pet pen where I can display every single pet at once.

Yes. All 500-some of them.

(Edit: Just add player housing!!!!)
We need lawn chairs. And some of our little furballs prowling, flying, or skittering about.

could we add that?

Adding something that would let us ... park 1 or 2 of our Pets at the farm to wander around like the nameless Dog dose. Tiny bit of personalization sort of thing

There are some changes we’re hoping to implement in Patch 5.2 regarding Sunsong Ranch. Things we’re considering are ways to lure birds away, creating a resting zone, and perhaps a way to have your friends around (NPCs you’ve gained rep with) giving you tasks to do to gain nice perks. Nothing is guaranteed but those are just some of possibilities currently on the table.

Some way to empower the scarecrow, perhaps, to assist with birds?

It would also be nice to have Dog be a bit more interactive with the running of the farm. It was kind of a downer to find and do that special rep-based questline to get him, then find out he's just another decoration. Even if we could bring him out to be a temporary guardian, on the ranch only, it would be pretty awesome. Maybe he could be "attracted" by virmen-infested plots and crops and assist on the fights. There's a lot that could be done.
Loose the Tentacle... with even bit of lag, using the "Bite" option is WORTHLESS!

Lower the annoying Procs in the garden. In 16 Slots having something going on in each and every one of them every day has me on the verge of ignoring that part of the game. They were fun at first, but now these Mini Games ARE NOT FUN ANYMORE!!!

Bursting crops... seen 3 plants do it since MOP went live. Maybe we could have a little more of that and less of the negative.

Haven't seen the kids on the farm thing yet... small miracle there I guess.
Whoever is your "friend on the farm" should provide some sort of buff or bonus based on the theme of their dailies. If smothering weeds spawn as a plant effect, then the farmer (fung?) who gives you the weeding quests for those should eliminate them - not just remove them from the list of effects, but give you healthy plants without a debuff. If it is Sho, she helps you kill hawks.

When your house is upgraded, it should be an inn/rest location that provides immediate log-off.

Yoon should do something other than give quests and take credit.

The dog, mushan, goats, pigs, and so on should offer some benefit to the farm, either in terms of helping to fight things off or providing fertilizer for more bountiful crops. Blizzard seems to like quests that involve fertilizer, so maybe we could have Yoon gather it up during the day while we're slaying dragons and he could give us a few bags (based on the number of animals hanging out at our farm) that would improve the harvest from crops buffed with the bag.

The portal shards are worthless. By the time I can plant them, I can fly over the hills to the north and take a portal at my faction city.

I want to be able to put a tabard on my scarecrow (and have the scarecrow actually scare crows/birds). I'd love to be able to put a permanent banner up on my house based on any tabard I currently own, whether Horde, Alliance, Tiller, Klaxxi, Shattered Sun, or Sporeggar.

Instead of giving us an item-specific profession bag for professions, which forces us to sacrifice a bag that can hold anything, give us a way to store food (similar to void storage) on the farm. Root Cellar, Pantry, whatever.

Stocking the pond with fish sounds fantastic.
In an attempt to find a solution to the apparent annoyance of the vermin and birds, I offered a suggestion in another thread:


To summarize my suggestion:

Give the birds/vermin a loot item that has a chance to drop. Collect a certain number of them and you can redeem them for an Ironpaw token. Restrict how many times per day this can be done to prevent exploitation.

This gives them a reason to exist, satisfies people who hate them (Hopefully) by making them beneficial, and prevents removing or "watering down" an aspect of the ranch that I thought was rather funny.

As much as the idea of wriggling plants unsettles me, the little buggers popping out of the soil to interfere with my plans, all with that cute cackle of theirs cracks me up every time!

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