Ret/Holly pally lf raiding

Hi, I am a ret/holly pally currently (471/464) ail. I am looking to get back into raiding again. I took some time off after cata and was looking to get back into raiding. Times I can do are 8:30 server time and later. I do have a resto shaman but not geared at all. If you would be interested. If you raid 2 days a week i'm fine, 4 is max amount of days i will compensate for.

A little about me I went 8/8h in DS on account, I healed H spine on my shaman. Not on this toon sadly. I don't have any recent logs I used to have some ranked logs back in DS content. But that was then this is now.

If you want to reach me, hit me up in game or here. Battletag is ZedsDead2011#1621

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