[H]<Sparda>4/16 Heroic 10man LFM

Sparda: Arthas horde. 10 man raiding guild seeking to push progression and rankings.
We are a professional PST night raiding guild primarily composed of mature oriented players, who enjoy progressing through end game content while maintaining a fun, but focused raid environment. We have been actively raiding since April 2006, some of us have been in top 20 World guilds (coming from Enigma), others top 200 guilds and so on, however we are still trying to fill those last few critical gaps.

Our raids run from invites at 9PM-9:30 PST(12-12:30am EST) until 12:30AM PST(3:30AM EST). Our raid days are 3 days a week Tuesday - Thursday + Sunday (optional progression night.)

Current Progression:
4/6 heroic MsV
6/6 normal HoF
4/4 normal ToES

Members of Sparda are required to show up, be on time and be fully prepared for our raids so that our downtime will be minimal.

Recruitment needs: OPEN RECRUITMENT: DO NOT HESITATE TO INQUIRE. However, the following classes are extremely desired.
Monk (all specs)
Warrior (all specs)
Druid (feral/resto)
Holy Paladin
Priest (Disc/Shadow)
Shaman (enhance/Resto)
Warlock (Affliction)

Any exceptional classes are 100% encouraged to app. Do not hesitate.

Add Calypso#1704 or message anyone in game to direct you to an Officer.

Visit www.sparda-gilneas.com for more information

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