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Is it intended that Storm Peaks be completely devoid of battle pets? I have flown around for hours trying to find them and there is absolutlely nothing to fight to update the Taming Northrend achievement.
there is only one battle pet that is tameable in Storm Peaks. that is the Arctic Fox Kit that only shows up when it's snowing. otherwise, there are not battle pets in the entire zone. this is intended.
I don't think that is intended.
12/02/2012 06:58 PMPosted by Ayaliss
there is only one battle pet that is tameable in Storm Peaks. that is the Arctic Fox Kit that only shows up when it's snowing. otherwise, there are not battle pets in the entire zone. this is intended.

There are many battle pets in the zone, the issue is that phasing causes most of them to be invisible.
With just a quick look at the pet journal I also see the following pets, in addition to the Arctic Fox Kit, listed for Storm Peaks:

    Arctic Hare
    Highlands Skunk

Back to the original issue, I have noticed this problem as well.
I was chatting with a friend on another server who was finding lots of Hares & Fox Kits --- I went all over Storm Peaks on my server at the same time and could NOT find a single pet. My friend also noted that the Fox Kits were appearing when it was NOT snowing.
I've never seen a single pet in Storm Peaks.

Even when it's snowing.
(Yes, I'm familiar with where the foxes should spawn)

12/03/2012 05:13 AMPosted by Rankin
There are many battle pets in the zone, the issue is that phasing causes most of them to be invisible.

If this is the case, then it's a bug.
Questing an area should not cause all the battle-pets to phase out.
12/02/2012 06:58 PMPosted by Ayaliss
there is only one battle pet that is tameable in Storm Peaks. that is the Arctic Fox Kit that only shows up when it's snowing. otherwise, there are not battle pets in the entire zone. this is intended.

Incorrect. I was able to get the credit for taming in Storm Peaks by finding a lonely little critter on the road leading to K3 from Crystalsong: an Arctic Hare.

I've seen many skunks and hares moving around in various subzones, but zero of them are tameable since that day.

I have yet to see a snowstorm in the Peaks, nor a fox kit. I've taken multiple alts over there, both those who have quested there and completed all quests, and alts who have not done a single quest. None of them can see any tameable pets at all.

There is no way that this is intended because others have no trouble seeing tameable critters there, while others see none.

Given the fact that I did manage to find a single tameable critter, I'm betting that when the odd one does spawn, it's being snatched up quickly by pet tamers because the zone is lacking in anything else for them to tame for credit.

Edit: did a bit of research on my baby monk, who is level 76 and has not quested in SP's. I took him over to one of the most heavily phased areas, Fjorn's Anvil.

As I left the subzone "Storm Peaks" and entered the edge of the subzone "Fjorn's anvil," right up where Fjorn paces around, a lonely little green paw flashed on my map just long enough for me to mouse over it. It was an Arctic Hare. The minute I dropped a bit lower on my flying mount to try and find it, the critter and the paw on my mini-map disappeared completely. -Poof-

So, yeah, something in Storm Peaks is awry. Be it phasing, or CRZ being activated by changing subzones (does that happen, I wonder?), things are not kosher.

Ok, further testing using this hunter showed multiple green paws in the valley area between Brunnhildar and Dun Nifflem as long as I was at a far viewing distance and phasing had not kicked in. As soon as I moved in closer and phasing changed the area from a battle zone, to the phased daily zone, all those paws vanished and could not be seen again.

Edit part 2: As I flew over to the frozen lake (again, on my level 76 monk) where the Stormforged Giants and Seething Revenants are, another green paw popped up. This one lasted for quite a while. I was able to hover right on top of it, but as soon as I dismounted, it disappeared as well. (Just happened again in the crater in Thunderfall. Arctic hare. Disappeared the second I got low enough to dismount.)
Good Deal. So its not just me. Maybe a blue can acknowledge that it might be fixed.
So sick of flying around this zone. I don't even care about the hard to get Fox Kit thing. I just want the achievement. Have tried on 4 different characters on 3 different servers with no luck. Please look into this Blizzard.
When I was there questing on my lvl 80 Druid (prior to trying to get the achievement) there were literally hundreds of bp's around. I fought and captured spiders and others. Now that I am back to try to complete the achievement, nothing not one pet, and if I do chance upon 1 it vanishes as soon as I try to get close to it. Bad thing is, when I did capture a pet there prior, it never gave me the credit....and I captured about 5 up there and this was right after the 5.1 update. Then these simpletons did some kind of update to an update and that's when Storm Peaks lost the crits.
I've spent hours flying around this zone looking for ONE battle pet. The few I found went POOF when i flew within 100m of them. Waiting for server restarts does not make fun content.
I finally managed to be in SP when a snowstorm popped, so I got the fox, thank goodness.

That said, the issue with phasing playing all heck with battle pets in Storm Peaks is not fixed. I'm always popping in there while doing the Argent Dailies, and the lack of green paws anywhere on the mini-map is saddening for players like those above who are still having issues. =/

If you guys intended for the Fox to be the only tameable pet, then so be it, but at least pop in and let us know. One can only deduce it's a phasing bug when you can obviously -see- the paws and the critters sporting those paws right in front of you on the ground, only to see them disappear a second later.

This isn't an issue of seeing them on the flight path, then finding they're gone when you fly over manually, ie CRZ kicks in. This is about being in the zone, running around on foot, or flying around on your mount, and watching them literally disappear right before your eyes.
Blue response would be appreciated.

This ongoing bug has been reported in multiple threads - still waiting for an official response.
It certainly is a bug .. and a strange one. I spent a couple of hours today flying around storm peaks and didn't see a single green paw. But tonight I just tried again and after about 15 minutes a green paw flashed on the screen in the sth-east corner of Frostfield lake just as I was flying up the hill away from it. I turned back and landed but it was no longer anywhere to be seen. I went up the hill again and it reappeared and I could see the spider walking on the lake, but as I approached it disappeared again. This repeated at least a dozen times until I started running at it using aspect of the cheetah and tried to click on it in the instant it was active before disappearing .. no easy task. Eventually I fluked it and the battle activated and I captured an uncommon Mountain Skunk that joined the battle. I was relieved to find it appeared in the journal and was recognisd as a Storm Peaks capture. Clearly this can't be the way it's meant to work.

Edit: When I finished writing the above and went back to the game it had started snowing and an Arctic Fox Kit was coming down the hill toward me. It was only a poor one but they were everywhere and respawning constantly so it didn't take long to find a rare one. Interestingly, the AFKs were working as normal but the other capturable pets there were still appearing and disappearing as they were before the snow came.
Just curious why no blues will acknowledge that this is a serious issue, I'm now following about 5-6 threads that are all precisely saying the same thing- and date back a few months. Could we PLEASE get a blue reply to tell us that they are looking into this?????
According to what my guild has been telling me, the t**ds at blizz thought it was too easy, so they killed off all the bp's in Storm peaks, and on an island where there are baby gorillas. Only time they show up in SP is during snow, and only time on the island is when it rains......these guys couldn't intellectually fight their way out of a wet, ripped paper bag.
on my server, prior to the most recent patch there were battle pets around. now they have disappeared and it never snows. this problem, bug or whatever you call it, is annoying especially when the fox is the last capture for the achievement.
After months of checking, I finally managed to find a long-lasting snowstorm.

I was able to see the foxes on charaters which both have, and have not quested the zone.
There were so many, that I was able to farm them until I got one of blue quality. it could be entirely possible that this is just a matter of terrible luck/bad timing.

I'm wondering if what I was previously assuming was a "snow storm", was simply "snow".

Regardless, I've still never seen any other type of tamable creature in the zone.

12/29/2012 06:51 AMPosted by Aendia
on my server

there is no "my server" anymore.
01/03/2013 07:43 PMPosted by Nobully
Regardless, I've still never seen any other type of tamable creature in the zone.

The non-fox tameables are so rare, it's ridiculous, and most of them are found in areas where the phasing is *very* heavy. (Fjorn's Anvil, the frozen pond, the frozen crater, etc.) =/ Some days, I see several green paws, other days, maybe one random hare or spider.

I actually managed to juuuust click one of the paws quick enough to start the battle the other day, but it almost immediately failed to launch, presumably because the pet phased out on me. The paw was gone when the Battle UI disappeared. Frustrating. Also irritating because we're hearing nothing on whether or not this is intended or a true phasing bug.

Like you, I've only witnessed one snowstorm since the Pet Battles launched and that's flipping between several different CRZ'd realms on various alts Horde and Ally side. I think the storms are just that rare, and they're misleading. When flying or otherwise moving quickly, the snowstorm seems to stop, then visually restarts once you stop moving. At least that was my experience the evening I got my fox. I saw others on Wowhead confirm they'd seen the same thing happen.

So, it may be possible to be actively flying through SP and not even realize a snowstorm is going on unless you stop flying for a moment to allow the snow visual to appear.

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