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Hey everyone,

<Silly Hats Only> is a late night 25 man raiding guild where the core are working adults who can not raid at other times. We raid 3 nights a week from Tuesday through Thursday from 10pm to 1am Server (Pacific), 9 hours a week. We offer a fair, friendly, mature, and progressive raiding environment. If you like to cause drama or have tendencies to go emo, we are probably not for you.

Recruitment and What It Means To You

We continue to have a relatively open recruitment policy with a heavy emphasis on DPS classes. We are looking for strong individuals that can contribute in raids and socially out of raids.

We are interested in folks who:
1. Remain informed and updated about WoW.
2. Continuously self improve to remain competitive with their peers.
3. Are self sufficient and reliant but willing to lend a helping hand.
4. Are self aware and will take accountability to correct their mistakes quickly.
5. Are environment aware and will adapt quickly to situational changes.
6. Are able to take directions and executes them well.
7. Have a good personality and strong moral character.
8. Have a silly inner child that enjoys a good laugh.

We enjoy keeping a tighter roster vs having a bench large enough for 2 raids. Our aim is for everyone to get playing time, while we sometimes may rotate folks in and out depending on progression needs, we will always try to make things fair for everyone.

Most guilds have a pretty big headstart by the time we start raiding, so our Realm Rank on WOW Progress is not going to be super high especially when you mix Raid-10 guilds in. We definitely rank higher as a Raid-25 guild on the Realm.

Class Preferences:

First and foremost, it is important to note that we will recruit ANY exceptional applicants who we feel can compete with or go above what our roster currently offers. These needs are a guide to what would be nice to have right now.

Preferred Classes:

Holy or Disc Priest
Feral Druid (DPS)
Ret Pally (Fluent in OS tanking)

Progression History:

HM Madness of Deathwing - March 7, 2012

Mists of Pandaria:
16/16 Normal
4/16 HM

Loot System:

We use a DKP primarily system that relies on each raiders attendance and contribution (afterall if you're not there to contribute you won't be rewarded DKP). We do however loot council Tier Tokens as we feel it allows raiders the freedom to go heavily on offset items with DKP and have tier items evenly distributed.

What to do next:

If you would like to see the guild in action, feel free to check out my youtube channel at: http://www.sillyhatsguild.com/forum/index.php?topic=3007.0

If you would like to see how you compare with our raiders check our logs at:

If you want to check out the guild and see what we're about head to:

***It is important to note that all apps received by <Silly Hats Only> are private and confidential, no one has access to see your app that is not a member of the guild***
Hey there. I'm at 476 Feral/Guardian and interested in the guild.
The schedule sounds fine to me.
Furmoans are fun. If you strongly dislike giant bugs, wanna be titans and can face your fear there is an opportunity to relive these and other pixelated profundities weekly.
Open enrollment considering all classes/specs
Warrior DPS!
Special on Elves
Better then Denny's
How i wish i was horde :(
That way^
WoL KJ Silly Hats Only. If you feel that you can be competitive and would like a great place to spend the evenings. Looking mostly for DPS. 7/16 H
WTT Blood Spirits, Cookies and Party Grenades for Rogues ans SPriests. Also Ret Pally or any properly purply clad DPS.
8/16 H
High need for Rogues and Spriest
this one time.... I saw a Rogue and an Spriest at the same time!
Awesome web page happy hunting!
You can dance if you want to

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